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Hello Experts,

When I try to install the Microsoft Office in the computer, I got a weird error message, which is completely new to me. I am not a technical person so finding some kind difficulty in solving this problem. I really do not understand the root cause of this issue. How to run the 32-bit set up to install office? Is there any alternate procedure to solve this error message? Please help. Thanks.

Hi Experts,

When I try to install Microsoft Office 2013 in the computer, I am getting a pop up message. This pop up error message blocks me from installing the Microsoft Office.  I tried the common methods like restarting and reinstalling but still I am getting this pop up error message repeatedly. For your information I have windows XP operating system, please help me fix the problem. Thanks a lot.

Hello friends,

I have Microsoft Office in the computer, which was download, and installed from the authorized website. The software installed in the computer is licensed one but still I am getting an error message stating Microsoft Office cannot find your license for this application. I tried to restart the computer several times but no luck. Please help me resolve the error. Thanks.

Microsoft Office can’t find out license for this application. A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled. Microsoft Office will now exit.

Hi friends,

When I try to install the Microsoft office application for the first time in the computer, I ended up with an error message. For your information, I do not have any previous version of office in the computer. Why this is not allowing me to install Microsoft office in the computer?  I tried to install office several times but I am getting the same error message. Please help me, thanks.


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Hello all,

Friends, I am a facing an odd error message when I try to view a word document in the office web apps. The error message indicates that it cannot open the document. If this happens, again try opening the document in Microsoft word. I tried to open it several times but I am not able to open it in Web apps. Please guide me to open it using Web apps. Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

Microsoft Word Web App

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Hi all,

When I try to install the Microsoft office Professional Plus 2013 trial package in the computer I ended up with an error message. I do not understand where I went wrong I do enter the correct product key. I uninstalled the previous version of Microsoft Office 2013 in the computer. Still I am getting this error message, how do I fix the problem? Please help.


When I try to install Microsoft Office in the computer I ended up with an error message. I have Microsoft office professional plus 2010 and Microsoft office 32-bit components 2010 in the computer. I do not understand where I went wrong. Experts please suggest me an alternate solution. Your help is great. Thanks.

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I'm running Windows 7 and I am having an issue with MS Office 2010. It won't open and it always throws an error.


This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.

This won't even work on clicking some hyperlinks in MS Outlook. How can I resolve this? I am the administrator of my own computer. I also searched for some solutions and they advice me to make Internet Explorer my default browser, which I already did but It still didn't work. Please help.

Hi Pro,

All of a sudden I am getting this error message when I start the Microsoft office. Last week I installed the Microsoft Office from the authorized official website. It went pretty well and good without any issues, but now I get this error message. Please help me to rectify this error message. Do I need to contact MS support team? Please help.

Project server encountered a problem with this error code: 9000

Please contact your server administrator.

Hi trouble shooter,

I downloaded the trial version to explore Wordfast Pro in Mac. The problem triggered while saving translated files and it leaves the error message ‘error while saving file’. Why I am not able to save a file? Is this a bug? And also I tried to re-install it several times, but the error persists. Do I need to but the license for Wordfast? Help please.

Error while saving file.

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 2, Size: 2