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How can I get Microsoft Groove software for my computer and Where can I get technical support about Microsoft Groove?

Category: MS Groove


I am trying to copy my workspace but with contents only users and no passwords and it always gives me error and Groove 2007 starts again. Thanks in advance. Help me to solve.

Category: MS Groove


When i open Microsoft office Groove on my work computer i get an error:

The file is not a valid GOS database.HRESULT:0x80004005.

Please help me as i am not able to get sync folders.Thanks

Category: MS Groove

I have deleted MS - Office 2007 and upgrade with MS-Office 2010 Pro Plus. But I am having error installing MS - Office 2010.

It keeps saying, “Setup has detected legacy groove and Microsoft Groove Sever software on this system.

You must uninstall all legacy Groove and Microsoft Groove Server software before installing or upgrading to Microsoft SharePoint Workspace.

For more information, see your Microsoft SharePoint Workspace administrator.” When I searched on the web for some solutions, I found out that I should open my Groove and follow what was written in the error message.

But I cannot open my Groove. Now, I just want to restore my old MS-Office 2007 but I don’t have any installation disk with me.

Category: MS Groove

I successfully installed Groove Server 2010 but when I am trying to connect with the server and enter my server account code and account server, I am receiving this error message: “Sharepoint Workspace did not detect any authentication certificates suitable for your identity. Please contact your administrator”. Have I done anything wrong with the installation? Can someone please help me?

Category: MS Groove

I am trying to get a PDF file with pictures and tables to open in Excel. The file was converted from a PDF to a text file with Acrobat Reader, and the file does not show proper output from the text file as a PDF when I open it in Excel. Please advise. 

Category: MS Groove

I am trying to use file sharing in Microsoft groove but my PC seems to be unable to support it.

I have heard that there is a tweak you must do to make it work with 64bit.

Can anyone tell me how to this?


Microsoft Office Groove

Groove File Sharing workspaces are not supported on 64 bit operating systems.


Category: MS Groove

I want to quickly replace and change words in Microsoft Groove.

But I can’t find the tool. Is there such a tool like in Microsoft word?

How will I get to it? Short cut keys will help, please provide me with any.

Thanks in advance.

find and replace window-replace

Category: MS Groove

I'm running my Office Groove when a message popped up saying that Microsoft Office Groove has encountered a problem and needs to be closed. I can’t remember having a problem with Groove until today.

It automatically closes the program and this message appears.

What happened?

I tried to run it again, and the same message appeared. Why is my Microsoft Office Groove encountering this problem?


Microsoft Office Groove has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Category: MS Groove

Hello friends,

I have an issue here that needs some help from you experts. I met an error while doing my documentation work under Microsoft Office Groove. I pasted below the whole screen shot of the error message for a better view of my problem.

Microsoft Office Groove

Component ‘Password File Sub Form/Password File Glue’ from