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Hi guys. I have read about the Linux pci utility source as “libpci” is considered a basic portable library for inspecting and monitoring status and configuration of pci devices in Linux operating system. But somebody told me that we can use these utilities as alternative of device drivers and fix them. I have searched about it but did not find any material. My question is whether it is possible or not? Please some suggestion.

Category: Linux

Hi guys, I am new in Linux operating system. Can you please help me provide Linux audit report graphical software best download link. I do not want trail version. Please provide the download link with details including payment method. Please do not ask any question.

Category: Linux

Hello experts, from all around the world can you tell me how can make sector search for Linux? I am new at Linux OS. Can you tell me about very simple fast and easy good tools by which I can check my HDD. So that I can easily know my HDD damage or good. Mind the OS is Linux. Please do not ask me any question.

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Hi everybody, I am  a new user and I do not know how to use Linux mouse recorder ? Is there any way to use it? Please help me with the best possible easy solution.

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Hello friends,

I recently shifted to Linux from Windows XP operating system. I need a Linux text editor for editing my text. I searched on search engines but they show irrelevant results.

I need response from a Linux user. Suggest me the recommended best text editor for Linux platform.


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I am recently transferred from XP to Linux. I am searching for a tag editor for Linux. I did not find any better software. I already used mp3tag on my Windows system. I want to linux display m4v tags. Any tips and ideas are welcomed.  Waiting for the quick reply.

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Hello Experts,

I was facing a problem at the time of installing the Redhat/Linux via Windows Deployment Service. The first time the whole things were okay, WDS Configured correctly, DHCP operates good, Client Boot with PXE and received Internet Protocol Addresses. 

Category: Linux

Hi friends,

I am a new user of Linux operating system. I want to detect that a process is using TCP port or UDP port. Is it able to trace what port is being used in any process? I want to find out the information on AiX. Can aix identify udp port? Please tell me step by step process  to do this. Any idea and suggestion are highly welcomed. Waiting for a prompt and positive response.

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Good day! I will just ask if someone knows the link for the best Linux English set.

I badly need this for my Gentoo Linux operating system.

Thank you so much!

Category: Linux

Hello Friends,

We have a Sonic Wall Firewall and I would like to add disturbance detection on the network. The principal of the company is asking about is there is any options that sit between the Firewall and network. We have the Sonic Wall subscribed to per-year licensing and I'm worried that will this activity slow down the Firewall performance.

Any ideas for a Linux based intrusion detection option which doesn’t require being configured as a Firewall.