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Good day! I will just ask if someone knows the link for the best Linux English set.

I badly need this for my Gentoo Linux operating system.

Thank you so much!

Category: Linux

Hello Friends,

We have a Sonic Wall Firewall and I would like to add disturbance detection on the network. The principal of the company is asking about is there is any options that sit between the Firewall and network. We have the Sonic Wall subscribed to per-year licensing and I'm worried that will this activity slow down the Firewall performance.

Any ideas for a Linux based intrusion detection option which doesn’t require being configured as a Firewall.


Category: Linux


I am new to Linux. I want to install an open office in my system. For my Linux I am looking for the best Open Office. Tell me the best available open offices for Linux and anyone have an idea about rs232 open office Linux?

Category: Linux

I'm looking for a sample code that will allow calling of connect : direct command. It should be able to do so from within the shell. Do you have any suggestions ? Help me out please.

Category: Linux

Hello everyone,

I am working online with clients from different countries. I always have to check the time of the respective client’s country before calling him. I want to see multiple clocks on my desktop to save my time. I have done this before on windows 7. But now I have to do it on Linux. I don’t know how Linux displays multiple time zones. If anyone has the better solutions then share it with me. It would be very helpful for me.


Category: Linux


I am in great need of some Linux supported downloadable web spiders. I tried to find out some, but I'm not sure at all about there performance. If it's not free to download I'm ready to pay. But I need good performance.


Category: Linux

How do I dual boot windows and Linux?

I want both operating systems on my computer.

Category: Linux

First, I cannot find the settings to adjust the Cinnamon Screensaver.

Please tell me  how.

Also, I want to know how I can set cinnamon themes. 

Are there themes that I can download for it?

Category: Linux

I am experiencing a linux record microphone noise on Linux. I am just wondering if there's also an option in Linux just like in Windows where the noise is reduced. Anybody knows if I can do this in Linux?

Category: Linux

Today I was trying to install ‘Cisco DCNM’. I was installing it on Centos.

On the process of installation I got an error message saying,

“Linux 2.6.18-308.el5 is not supported.

Unsupported Platform. DCNM Installer will now quit”

“Linux 2.6.18-308.el5 is not supported. Unsupported Platform. DCNM Installer will now quit”

I am a new user. I can’t find out a solution.

Please help.