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I am an electronic and a telecommunication engineering teacher in a private class. In all our labs we have Linux operating systems. I need software that can generate electronic color code than can run on Linux environment.


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I am new to the open source community. I currently use Ubuntu 11 operating system. I heard about the SWT open source applications gallery, so I like to test it. I need to know how to get it, and what are the features available in it.


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Hello friends,

I find emptying the trash in Mac OS X to be a long and tiring process, especially when there are lots of files in my trash. I have recently tried to empty my trash and took a screenshot (which I have posted below) of the minute progress of the emptying after 30 minutes.

I am not too familiar with Unix-based graphical interface OS. .

Is there a way to empty out these files faster?

MAC OS X Emptying the Trash

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Hi guys,

I have this Sony Vaio Notebook (VPCSB25FB) on which I’ve been trying to install OS X for a over a month now, but I’m still unsuccessful until today.

I’ve already tried installing iboot, iboot legacy, and many different OS X versions (snow leopard, Atkos L2, S3, and Lion). I was almost successful with iboot legacy and also with a snow leopard original DVD, but both got a kernel panic.

I’m clueless on what to try next. Please help me. I’ve posted my CPU configuration and the error message.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi guys,

I received a message while installing open source software Fedora 17 free on my Linux. It says “We couldn’t verify your installed media. Your install media may have errors. This could be due to a corrupt download or physical media flaws”. I do not have any idea regarding the error.

Please help me.

Corrupt download or physical-media flaws

We couldn't verify your install media.

Your install media may have errors. This could be due to a corrupt download or physical media flaws.

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I’m trying to install Linux on my IBM eServer XSeries 365. Actually, I tried almost all kinds of Linux. In Ubuntu, it works fine but it can’t detect my SCSI hard drives. Fedora booted only once. Then my BIOS is telling me that I already have 3 boot sectors but none is bootable. The installation of Debian was unable to continue and I got stocked on 3 duplicated Debian logos. And now, some of the CDs doesn’t boot at all. I don’t know what else to do and I am really lost right now.

What steps should I take to be able to continue any Linux installation?

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What is this ccna labs for Linux all about?Is there a free download for this software and how it works in Linux? I need some ideas about this software for Linux and is this really relevant for the operating system?

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Hi Experts,

What kind of precautions should I take to protect against linux gateway virus please,


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Is graphic sftp centos' free download is compatible with the linux operating system. Because before when i was downloading something like programming language linux is not compatible with it so I switch another programming language. It is so hard please do help me.

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I am quite confused what really is the Linux mail spider about? Is this some kind of a spam in the mail that users get when their accounts are compromised?