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When I attempt to set up CCSM, I notice this error message:

Please help me to solve it.

Package dependencies cannot be resolved

This error could be caused by required additional

software packages which are missing or not installable.

Furthermore there could be a conflict between software

packages which are not allowed to be installed at the

same time.


Category: Linux


Is the setup of partial yum repo possible?

I need to have this setup with some combination of local rpm’s and normal scientific Linux repo on my NFS server?

Category: Linux


Please tell me that how the data of computer is lost while using Linux operating system and also describe me the function of

Disk Doctors Linux recovery program ?

Category: Linux


Can Linux have the viruses and is it limit the downloading ?

Although i can understand that some of the operating systems are better than others as it depends upon the requirements and purposes of different users but please suggest which the best open source OS to be used generally ?

Category: Linux

Hi all I am thinking of using Linux as a means of running my retrospective backup program and I need to know if it would be a good idea. I am retiring some of the Windows servers that I currently have; I have an Exchange server, which has two storage drives and 2 NAS devices.

One of the devices is a rather old omega 400r NAS which is just lying around as it was replay by a new NAS device. I wanted to see what spare slots the Iomega had so I opened it up because I'm going to have to transfer the SCSI card to accommodate the tape drive. The NAS has an extra PCI 32 BIT slots which should be able to house the SCSI card assuming it fits.

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I have been trying to install almost all distorts of Linux on that server with no luck. Ubuntu doesn't detect my SCSI hard drives, Fedora doesn't boot from the cd, debian installer crashes. What should i do?

Category: Linux

Okay so i recently bought that server and i cant install any Linux distro i know.

I tried Ubuntu,Fedora x64 and x32,debian.Ubuntu boots from the cd and the installation starts though it wont detect my 4 SCSI hard drives.

Fedora cd booted once and then crashed. Then when i tried to boot it again it showed me 3 boot sectors on the cd and none of the was actually bootable. Lastly debian cd booted and the graphical install got stuck on 3 duplicated and enlarged logos of debian.

I left it for an hour and nothing happened.

What can i do?

Or is there any other better distro?

Category: Linux

I need help on installing HMA vpn on my Linux. What are the steps and system requirements? Thank you.

Category: Linux

I am searching to the discussion board if I can find some information how to copy of an audio. I am seeking at trying to create my personal music recorder for MAC/PC/LINUX or both and Desktop Program.

Primary Desktop - I was reading few forums that the conversation is all about Port Audio.

Then I went towards the PortAudio exhibit application and one of the consequences is to resolve some depreciate pieces that I move in the system and it explode.

Dyld Fault Concept:

Library not responding: @executable_path/../../../PortAudio.framework/PortAudio

Why is it one load of PortAudio.framework execute and what platform should I set up for PC/LINUX? Thanks.

Category: Linux

What is ARM platform? Are there any Linux distributions which support ARM platform? Please let me know if any.