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I am in great need of some Linux supported downloadable web spiders. I tried to find out some, but I'm not sure at all about there performance. If it's not free to download I'm ready to pay. But I need good performance.


Category: Linux

How do I dual boot windows and Linux?

I want both operating systems on my computer.

Category: Linux

First, I cannot find the settings to adjust the Cinnamon Screensaver.

Please tell me  how.

Also, I want to know how I can set cinnamon themes. 

Are there themes that I can download for it?

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I am experiencing a linux record microphone noise on Linux. I am just wondering if there's also an option in Linux just like in Windows where the noise is reduced. Anybody knows if I can do this in Linux?

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Today I was trying to install ‘Cisco DCNM’. I was installing it on Centos.

On the process of installation I got an error message saying,

“Linux 2.6.18-308.el5 is not supported.

Unsupported Platform. DCNM Installer will now quit”

“Linux 2.6.18-308.el5 is not supported. Unsupported Platform. DCNM Installer will now quit”

I am a new user. I can’t find out a solution.

Please help.

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Currently I am using Linux mint operating system. I use thunderbird email client for all my works. But I like if I can use the outlook with the Linux mint operating system


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I am an electronic and a telecommunication engineering teacher in a private class. In all our labs we have Linux operating systems. I need software that can generate electronic color code than can run on Linux environment.


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I am new to the open source community. I currently use Ubuntu 11 operating system. I heard about the SWT open source applications gallery, so I like to test it. I need to know how to get it, and what are the features available in it.


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Hello friends,

I find emptying the trash in Mac OS X to be a long and tiring process, especially when there are lots of files in my trash. I have recently tried to empty my trash and took a screenshot (which I have posted below) of the minute progress of the emptying after 30 minutes.

I am not too familiar with Unix-based graphical interface OS. .

Is there a way to empty out these files faster?

MAC OS X Emptying the Trash

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Hi guys,

I have this Sony Vaio Notebook (VPCSB25FB) on which I’ve been trying to install OS X for a over a month now, but I’m still unsuccessful until today.

I’ve already tried installing iboot, iboot legacy, and many different OS X versions (snow leopard, Atkos L2, S3, and Lion). I was almost successful with iboot legacy and also with a snow leopard original DVD, but both got a kernel panic.

I’m clueless on what to try next. Please help me. I’ve posted my CPU configuration and the error message.

Thanks a lot.