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I recently installed Siebel crm desktop version 30 which I patched to 30.1 for Linux.  i can't find the administration in the repository.  Is there amore recent patch for this or do I have to upgrade?

Hi Experts,

I have just successfully installed Linux OS on the second partition drive.

I wanted to know how to access my other system or laptop remotely.

Now can anyone educate me how to download remote view for Linux OS.

The oxygen theme pack for Plasma workspaces have a photo realistic look and supports more icons, black theme etc. Oxygen theme pack is better in looking as well as performance. So I wish to download it for all Linux distributions. Where can I get it for free ?

Hello and good day!

I have a PDF file here that needs to convert XML Linux based. Here is my question, how to convert PDF to XML Linux system?

Thank you.

Shawnj Cruz

I want somebody to give me a step by step procedure on how to make a Squid-Proxy Server on Ubuntu and monitor all the internet traffic or usage on the server. Basically tell me how to set up Ubuntu top Squid monitor on my device ?

Need a fast, reliable Linux vps management service? 100% customizable memory, disk space and data transfer allowance. Low prices and great service from the original VPS hosting provider. Friendly, helpful Sysadmins on tap 24x7 to install, configure, troubleshoot and advise.

Whenever I connect my external hard disk to my Linux Mint it shows the same error "The File System Is Not Clean". It has happened even when I replaced the hard disk with another one. Please Help me to do this hard disk repair in Linux Mint.

While looking for smile pack creator, I found that it has support for several operating systems; Windows vista, Windows XP and several others.

Is there a version that I can use on my Linux based operating system?

I am using suse Linux distribution.

Hi Friends,

I want to build a bootable USB drive to mount GUI for Linux. I need to know the steps for building the same, Please do the needful. 

Ping is a well known tool to check network connectivity between two IP hosts.

Ping is installed by default on Windows, Apple and Linux/Unix operating systems.

It uses the ICMP protocol which has been created to check IP connectivity and get information about other machines in an IP network.

Please give me the details about how a ping program works under Telnet on a Linux network?