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Hi techyv,

What is the best internet TV app for Linux? Give me some information about it and as well as the proper usage and set up. It is very relevant to study first all the features before purchasing or making any move. Also give me some idea how much it costs and how does it work.

Hoping for your help and kind consideration.


How to convert swf to mp4 with Linux? I need a secure software application which is supported by Linux operating system. I have many swf files that needs to be converted into .mp4 extension. I have to submit this as soon as possible, this will serve as our final exam in our multimedia class.

Waiting for your support.

Hello friends,

Where to find the Microsoft SQL manager for Linux? There are some differences that Windows operating systems has with Linux, so I cannot seem to find the Microsoft SQL manager for Linux. Would you mind instructing me to get into the system manager of the database application?

Thanks and Regards,

Debra Carter.

Where can get a geo ip tool download that is compatible with my Linux Operating system that would work as good as that on the windows platform and how do I install the downloaded application using the terminal?


Hi guys,

I did some research on how to use my partition manager in Linux and stumbled upon what they call partition manager ghost Linux and true image.

I`m not expert in Linux since I have only used since last sem as a requirement for my major.

So, can anyone tell me the difference between ghost Linux and true image?

Or are these two related or really opposite with each other?

I am using Unix Server and is in a process of documenting server builds. Can anyone send me a standard template or existing server builds document for a reference.

Hi guys,

How to send msg over lan Linux Windows? Is it possible to send a message over local area network in different operating system such as Linux and Windows operating system? What is the method or command use to send message even if you are not internet connected and just relying on networking? I have to do this because we have two buildings in the company.

Expecting some help, thank you.

Hi techyv,

Where to locate the Linux control panel memory?

I want to know the maximum and exact space of my computer memory in my Linux pc desktop. In our company we have to estimate the files to be saved in a computer so that we will not be having some problem about low disk space.

I just want to be ready and aware.

Hoping for your help. Thanks.

Will Android platform take over the handheld market in a few years? Translating, keyboard Android Linux to Qwerty, any difference? Are the keyboards for tablets in Android same as Qwerty?


What is the best face distortion software for linux? As an admin in a specific computer network and website in a company I have to know all the important application needed such as editing application or software. Can you share some of your idea about face distortion software which is compatible for linux os?

Waiting for your support, thank you.