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Approximately every 2 years a later version of the CentOS Linux is released.

When is the next release date for the latest CentOS?

Category: CentOS Linux

Hello ,

I am having problem while provisioning Linux OS. I created a gen too image and the install is install-x86-minimal-20090520. But I am having problem at the time of provisioning. I m using bladelogic 8.2, file server windows and Linux ISO 5.4 . I am attaching my error message. Can anyone help me with this?

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I'm having some DNS issues on a new box I'm installing with CentOS 6.2. I am able to look up names using nslookup, dig, or host. I am able to ping machines by name or by IP address. However, when I try other tools, such as ssh, wget, or yum, they are unable to resolve names. What should I do?

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Is there a maximum filesystem size, number of CPUs associated with the different Centos versions? If so, is there a way for me to have them upgraded?

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I thought at first that I can run anything that I can think of in CentOS by just plugging it into the USB port.

However, when I plugged in my HP Printer, the printer did not work and I suspect that it is because it doesn't have a printer driver.

How can I install a printer driver in CentOS?

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I am an CentOS user.

When I type an command on terminal window and press [ENTER] to run command, it keep open new tab.

Here is the screenshot:

[root@localhost ] # su -l Ajibdah~

[root@localhost ] #

So it keep open new tab every time I press ENTER. But doesn't run the command. :(

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I need to install MySQL 5.1 on CentOS 5.5 but I need a step-by-step procedure. Can someone please help me?

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I am trying to upgrade Plesk 10.3.1 to 10.4.4 with CentOS. When upgrading the Parallels Panel, I received an error:

WARNING: The PAM configuration is in inconsistent state. If you proceed with the installation, the required PAM modules will not be installed and the upgrade procedure will fail. Some PAM services reference the following nonexistent services: password-auth.
How can I correct this? I already tried re-installing pam but it doesn’t help.
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I am using CentOS 5.5 on my personal computer. I am receiving an error message from the new server on the computer. The error message is just like the following:

"Northbridge Error, node 2<0>K8 ECC error".

I have tried a lot of tricks to get myself free of this particular problem. But my efforts were fruitless. Does anyone have any suggestion to fix the problem? Thanks a lot in advance.

Category: CentOS Linux

If you’re having boot problems on your Windows PC, it’s often helpful to repair the MBR (Master Boot Record) to restore the Windows 7 boot loader—and you can do it easily from the Windows installation disc.

This is generally most useful if you’ve broken something and there’s a boot loader error, or if you have made the mistake of installing an older version of Windows on the same PC that already has Windows 7 which wipes out the boot loader.