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Hi guys.

I'm planning to use the web PD client for updating the content of my website. Does it have a free email account on a secured server? I need your opinions about PD-go! Any help would be much appreciated.


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When I attempted to get rid of the default document type from the allowed content types for a set of document, a message coming from the web page appears right before my eyes and it also says this type of content is in use.

Message from web page

Content Type in use

I don’t have an idea what this error was all about. I would appreciate it if somebody would be so nice to provide some ideas on how to repair this.

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As I was surfing and browsing some stuff on the net I happen to stumble this error message. What seems to be happening in my system? I know that this is not a problem with my web browser so what is happening to my PC? What is the software that is in error for this? Any ideas?

Fatal exception: Module: CTaskMaster::LoadDLL Data:Failed to locate the following resource – accessdb003.dll [Error 126]

Fatal exception:

Module: CTaskMaster::LoadDLL

Data:Failed to locate the following resource – accessdb003.dll [Error 126]

Please rerun the application again. If the problem persists, contact your

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Good day fellow Techyv members.  Can someone suggest a television Joomla template that I could use for my website design?  I need a fully responsive template and has cross-browser support.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thank you so much.

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Hello fellow members. I'm trying to create a CSS based website with a set of questionnaires. Can someone suggest a CSS templates questionnaires? Can I also use Adobe Dreamweaver as my text editor? I'm on Windows 7. 

Thanks in advance guys.

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Dear Techyv member, I hope you have a great day today. I would like to know what is the best website builder x5 templates available right now? Please specify its key features and importance. Also, I would like to know more about its background, so an overview and site performance would also be great. 

Category: Web

Hi to all Techyv members. I hope everybody is doing great. I would like to ask how to determine website age check your domain. What will I do to make this happen? What are the particular steps needed for this? Also, please include some helpful tips for this one. Thank u. 

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Good day Techyv members,

I hope all is well. I want to know how to install aventail for windows 7 alternatives online. How can I make this possible? Is there a way for me how to do this? I would appreciate if you can give me a step by step process for this.

I'll be looking forward for your answers. 

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Hi guys,

I am looking into how to write a proper electronic meeting reminder message, one that covers all aspects of a meeting from people to the time and place. This meeting reminders email sample will be used as an email template to create and send meeting reminders to relevant recipients.

If anybody can help me in coming up with this sample please reply to the post.


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Hi guys,
I have a Samsung galaxy tablet and I would like to keep up to date on all new products and services that are related to it so I was looking for a good forum that I could join with an active membership of Samsung product users. This forum should have both hardware and software topics and support materials such as eBooks.
The forum hardware ebook Samsung services should be available for free. Anyone who can assist on this please reply to the post.