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Hi Guys!

Why is it that the there is an invalid character in the start menu?

Why this error transpired? Please help!

Start Menu contains an invalid character.


The folder path ‘Start Menu’ contains an invalid character.

Category: Skype

I am having trouble using the Windows while I am installing the offline version of the Skype 5.9. There is an error that appears as shown in the picture underneath.

Windows Installer

Category: Skype

Hello.  How do I stream videos over Skype?  I have a pre-recorded video on my HDD that I would like to stream to a friend through Skype?  Is this possible?  I have a MacBook Pro with OSx Mountain Lion.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks guys.

Category: Skype

Hello.  I'm not much of a technical person so please help me out.  A friend installed Skype on her Dell XPS 17 with Windows OS 8.  I'm planning also to install Skype but on my MacBook Pro with OSx Mountain Lion.  Is Dell and Mac video chat compatible?  Will this work?  Thanks in advance.

Category: Skype

Hi guys,

I am a frequent Skype chat user; I understand that there are hundreds of emoticons that are available for use on Skype. I would like to be able to use all of the emoticons but it seems most of them are hidden since only a few of them appear in the pull up list.

Category: Skype

Whenever I am using my Skype, there is a static noise on the background which irritates me since the person I am talking to could not hear me clearly. Am I missing something on my Skype installation? How can I remove that static noise on Skype?

Category: Skype

Hallo there!

I am having a new Samsung Galaxy S2 which functions quite well.

However, I am having some problem with the Samsung Galaxy Ace Web Skype since I am not able to make video calls at all.

I have tried several times thinking that maybe there is a problem with the front camera, but I established that the camera is okay.

What can I do to fix this?

Category: Skype

Hello and Good Day Everyone!

Have you experienced problems with LogMeIn webcam Skype applications? I have been using logmein and Skype for almost 6 months and I never encounter a problem but recently, when I am about to use a webcam from my Skype, it just suddenly stopped working. I have tried to restart my computer but it didn’t fix the problem. I am not sure how to fix this problem. Can anyone help me please   ?

Category: Skype

Hello expert, I have installed Skype software on my notebook. But it is an old version of the Skype. So, I cannot find several features of the Skype. Please can you give me a proper URL to download a new version of lite Skype for notebook?

Category: Skype

Hello! I would like to know how to penetrate the skype but would like to be directed on the simple procedure of how to go about it. I am new to skype and would like to use for my odesk jobs. I would like to get elaborate description of the procedure but in really simple terms. Any assistance will be highly appreciated.