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Category: Skype

I bought a new Blackberry tablet for business purposes. I would like to know how to install the newest Blackberry Skype storm 2 available free on the App store? Thank you so much!

Category: Skype

There are many emoticons in Skype.

But there are some special emoticons which can be used by knowing their special code.

What is their Skype code ?

Please suggest me some Skype special emoticons.

Category: Skype

Hello everyone, I want to use LG Skype Camera 2012. Can I get the list of compatible 2012 LG Smart TV which may allow LG Smart TV Camera for Skype? One more thing, is Camera included in TV? Or it sold separately? Can anyone give me the solution please? I need reasonable, correct and effective solution. Thank you.

Category: Skype

Hi guys!

How to work Skype on Samsung Star WiFi? I’ve downloaded the app but I don’t know how to connect it or make it work. Any comments and solution will be nice.

Thanks and Good day!

Hannaha Meeks

Category: Skype

Hi Friends,

Whenever I attempted to sign in SKYPE, i.e. as SKYPE begins to launch I get an error message, saying

"SKYPE has encountered a problem and needs to close". 

And then the SKYPE doesn’t get started. I have already tried to solve this problem by uninstalling and then installing it again. But nothing works.

Please help me to solve this problem. I   am using Windows XP as the operating system. 

Category: Skype
Hi Techyv Guys,
I have brought a Samsung UN55D7000 LED Smart TV, I was unable to get a Skype camera kit due to unavailability, Please advice  me the compatible Samsung TV web camera software and kit.
Category: Skype

Is there a plug-in or menu for cute smileys for Skype?  It's kind of annoying for me to type them every time. 

Emotions menu anyone?

Category: Skype

I need an authentic site to download Skype Symbol. One of my friends has sent me emoticons in Skype massaging but I can’t find any option for emoticons in my Skype application. Do I have to download it separately? Which is the best site to download it?

Category: Skype

I'm setting up Skype for my Sony Bravia 40" LED EX520 Smart TV.  Most of the time, I can't connect to the internet through wifi with speed of 1 Mbps, gives no signal as problem.  When I do connect, The resolution is just 720p and not 1080.  Is there a setting for video call on sony tv using Skype?

Category: Skype

Hi experts,

I need to know the information about the license agreement  of using skype . Is there any way to make skype video on chrome OS ? if yes,  what is the method? If no, what are the barriers?