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Can someone please help me? I just installed Internet Explorer 10 few months ago. It was running fine until today when I opened it, it flashes for few seconds and closed itself and I cannot launch it again. I tried it for few times and the same thing happened even after a restart. I already tried to uninstall it but it failed. How can I fix this?

Category: Internet

I am new to Axure and I am attempting to download Axure RP extension in Chrome. After clicking on the download, I can see that the process started but upon checking on the Download folder, it was not there. It's not even in the tools_extensions instead I am getting an error message stating the following:

An error has occurred

This item is already being downloaded and added into Chrome.

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Category: Internet

I had an issue with my Internet Explorer. It won't run and it always shows an error about proxy server. The last time I run my browser, there is no issue found and I can very well use it without problems. Today, when trying to open it, the error states, "The proxy server isn't responding. Check your proxy settings". What is the cause of this issue? Do I need to reinstall or remove my browser and switch to Chrome or Firefox? Please help me.

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I am using Chrome in my Mac PC. It was working fine for the past months until today. Most of the pages that I tried to accessed received this error message:  Error 105 The server could not be found. How can I fix this error as it keeps bugging me for so many hours now? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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In Webmaster today i found this message

As in the screenshot

An improvement to our top search queries data was applied retroactively

Any ideas what this is

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Hello Pals,

I tried to register on Wondershare Youtube downloader with my Registration code and got this ‘Fail to register’ error. It says usage of registration code has exceeded the limitation. But this bit of information puzzles me because this is actually the first time I’m trying to register this registration code on Wondershare. I checked my registration information to make sure that the registration code I’m using is the correct one. Did anyone else face such an issue? How can I resolve this problem? Please help. I am waiting your responses. Thank you.

Fail to register!

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Hello all,

Like others me too a kind of lazy. I tried to open the link in the email, just by double clicking. I do this regularly, I am used to this. Never thought of any error in this situation, not even imagined. Is the problem with the Safari? Whether I need to check the settings? Help me to resolve it.

No associated application could be found.

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I have 900 friends and want this list not to be seen by anyone and want to hide all my friends list

Can anyone give me step by step method to achieve this

Category: Internet

I am using Opera Mini on my Windows 8 setup. How can I use my internet browser to send SMS messages to certain other devices that support them?