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Connect 2 Google spreadsheets to share data between them.

Can i have real examples shared to share between docs sheets

Category: Internet

What are Hash Tags mean in G+ or Twitters?

Now a days i hear a lot on # Tags or Hash tags. What is this used for

Please help explain with examples

Category: Internet

How to recover my Facebook messages that are deleted

I did not close the page yet or restarted and waiting for experts help to give me a way to find deleted messages on my Facebook please

Category: Internet

Which one ot these are best for kids below 16 years

Which is a fun console and worth the pay

I would like to know about all 3 consoles at same time whats best about each

Wii U Vs, PS4 or Xbox One which one is best

Category: Internet

Best iPHONE APP's for a IT professional

As a IT professional what could the best application be handy to administer?

Please explain each APP how it can be useful for me as a Sys Admin

Category: Internet

Philips Ambilight with APP to control lighting effects?

Can anyone explain about this

What are all needed with cost and detailed info on how to connect them and get it to work?

Category: Internet

Can we automatically move my Tweets and Facebook stuff to G+?

I use more of FB and Twitters can those data automatically be shown on my G+ profile

So i update 1 place and all 3 social networks are updated?

Category: Internet

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station features

Whats new about this?

What are the features?

Cost of this device?

How can it be faster then the other WiFi routers?

Category: Internet

Manage my G+ profile with 3rd party services

I want to schedule my G+ posts and have them auto managed. What are the best 5 services available now?

Cost per month and which of them is the best

What features does each of them have?

Category: Internet

WordPress 3.7 what are the new additions in this version?

I have been using this CMS for years not but this update seems special What are all the features/improvements in user feel and security?