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WhatsAPP Vs Viber which of these are best

Which came first

What are the features in each

Which is best and why?

Category: Internet

What are the shortcuts to be used in Yahoo mails

What are the new features in new Yahoo mail?

Please help explain top 10 features of Yahoo and 10 shortcuts

Category: Internet

What is new with Bing music video search

This new change in Bing search engine what is new and how to use? Who uses them and why?

Category: Internet

I heard that Outlook.com is much better now a days they have improved drastically?

Gmail vs Outlook.com which is better

Whats new in Outlook and new in Gmail?

Which is better, please comment if you have only used both

Category: Internet

Steps to protect ourselves on Facebook

What can we do to be safe on FB

I will need all ways you can think of to keep myself secure and my kids

Category: Internet

OfficeTime a cloud service can anyone explain

I heard it can record the time we worked and can bill the clients. Can i have a complete info on this service

Cost/Where to get this service?/ Whats involved/How does it function/How can it be useful.

Category: Internet

Which are the companies making apps for Google Glasses

I wanted the top 10 companies making APP's for the Google Glasses?

What are the APP's being made?

Category: Internet

What is Super Wi-Fi and whats this new technology?

Heard that US is enjoying this new Super Wi-Fi 

What is this technology



Countries available


Category: Internet

Connect Facebook to Twitters to tweet

I love to share stuff on FB but dont like much of twitters. But i want to have my twitters account engaged as i have a lot of followers

Can we automatically send tweets from FB?

If possible can i get step by step? Also suggest me a few websites/Services that can do this for me? With cost etc

Category: Internet

When typed ASKEW on the Google search why is the screen tilted?

Whats the secret behind this?

Can i have a proven reason behind this