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I just got this error message trying to start GTA IV but received this fatal error message. Have you any idea about it? I have tried to reinstall this game but no result. I need your help. Thanks.


GTA IV FATALERROR: out of video memory – please re-boot your system

1203753344 1219117056

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I am running the Rumble Launcher program in my install directory and trying to run this program using Windows 7 Operating System but get this following error message. Could you please fix it? I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.

Rumble Fighter

Please execute RumbleLauncher.exe

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Today, I was trying to login but when the game started up the following error message displayed on the screen. How can I fix it? Have you any idea to resolve this issue? Any idea would be really appreciated. Thanks. I am running Windows 7 Operating System.


Hacking protection has some malfunctions. (Code=10a01)

Program will be terminated.

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I got this error message using Final Cut Pro and tried to open a containing document under Mac Operating System. I have tried to solve this issue using different forums but could not resolve this problem. I hope you can suggest me better. Thanks for any help.

/volumes/untitled/final cut events/pics for medley is already open with the same identifies as/ users/sippo/movies/final cut events/pics for medley, so the second document cannot be opened.

Move one of these document out of your Final Cut Events folder. To avoid this problem, copy events from within Final Cut Pro

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An error occurred when I attempted to enter a file name in the Add Program dialog box. It shows me invalid file name as I have entered the correct name in the path. How can I fix this error box? I am running Windows XP Operating System. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Validation error

Invalid file name. A valid file name cannot contain any of the following characters: \


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I get the following error message when I apply a patchset or an interim patch to run Oracle Universal Installer. It’s going to be weird as I have tried to resolve this problem. I need your assistance to fix this issue. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

SZS Modifier

Invalid patch.

The patch appears to be incompatible with the file in question

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I am having problem with 9dragon game and unable to play this game. When I try to log in the following error message occurs on the screen. I am using Windows 7 Operating System. Can you help me to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

XKernel error

Can’t create triplex core

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I just installed Internet Explorer 8 and got this very annoying pop up message:

Internet Explorer - Search Provider Default

A program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer has reset this setting to your original search provider, Google (www.google.com).

Internet Explorer will now open Search Settings, where you can change this setting or install more search providers.

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Can we export Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar?


Can we get the Outlook Calendar to Sync with Google Calendar?

I have huge scedules and want to do it safely

So please give me the exact steps for both ways

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I am new to this and need to setup my Gmail emails on my Phone 

How to configure Gmail on Nokia Lumia 520

Can i have the step by step to achieve this

Also please give me the steps to configure Exchange server emails from my Office to this device