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Hello buddies,

Mostly unexpected shutdowns happen regularly, that anybody cannot be able to open it up.

After which series of other problem concept will be seen.

Please help to eliminate this error


An error was encountered while opening a window.
Category: Lotus Notes

I need a script for Lotus notes. That script should send emails to a group of id whenever I want.

It should also add new contracts with that group. Whenever I set to send emails this script should get ready my template to send. Is that possible in Lotus?

Category: Lotus Notes

I had used excel version 2003 in Lotus notes. Since then excel does not support extension *.wk4 for Lotus 1-2-3. I have now problem to import excel 2010 in Lotus. I have tried all the extension, tabular text and many options.

If there is anyone have faced the same problem or experienced with how to handle this please let me know soon.

Category: Lotus Notes

We are using Lotus notes mailbox for client email service. We are currently using SLA to manage those emails. In large volume emails situation we miss few emails without any knowledge. We are looking for a pop up option that could show us the pending emails at a glance.

Category: Lotus Notes

Hi guys,

If you make an attempt to apply a fix pack (FP) or cumulative client hotfix (CCH) to Lotus Notes on USB you will get the following error message:

It seems that the error message says, the installer is missing some registry keys and does not know, where to install the hotfix. But that´s not illogical, cause Nomad does not create any entry in your registry.

The thing I know is that to upgrade / install fixes on Lotus Notes on USB is to create the necessary registry keys for short time. Unluckily, the value given by the error message above is not right, you need to create the following values instead:


DataPath=<Path to Lotus Notes Data Directory>

Category: Lotus Notes


I am using 8.5.2 via XenApp 6 on Windows XP and have this error from IBM Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus Notes

Failed to login

CLFRJ0010E: Notes initialization failed

On Windows 7 desktop rcplauncher.exe crashes as soon as an application is streamed.

Is there is any connection to the problem being discussed in the thread,

Are there any clues or solutions available?


Category: Lotus Notes

Hello experts.

Our network is Lotus domino version 8. Our users make a connection to it using Lotus notes client.

For the need of some users who wished to use Outlook, recently we enabled POP3 access. Everything looks like fine except for sending emails to external domains.

You find attached a document below for error message. 

I have made all the authentication settings available for Outlook but now I am thinking if there is still something to be enabled in Domino server.

Category: Lotus Notes

Is there any setting in Lotus script where I can make my print setting as default printer on my computer?

In lotus spreadsheet there are many buttons for printing. There is a button what makes the printer setting to PDF printer.

If incase any mistakes happen, if I click in that button. All my print goes to PDF print.

How can I make this default to printer?

Category: Lotus Notes

Good day, everyone!

I am currently having an application error via XenApp 6 on Windows XP, and I keep on receiving the following error message:

IBM Lotus Notes

"Failed to login

CLFRJ0010E: Notes initialization failed".

Is it already possible to use Technote from IBM on this instead of Lotus Notes?

I used Windows 7 rcplauncher.exe on my desktop computer. Could this be related to the problem being told about the yarn?

Please help me out with this problem.

Thank you very much!

Category: Lotus Notes

Hello. I can open my inbox in Notes 5.0.8 and I also can replicate it to my Hard disk. I always open my inbox with local replica. Opening my replicated inbox and double clicking on an email, shows the following error message "File cannot be created." Why does this happen? And what could be done so I can read my replicated Inbox messages? I would be grateful if someone can help.