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Hi Friends,

I accidently deleted my bookmark folder from my chrome browser. In that folder I have my large collection of favorite sites. That sites will be very helpful for my projects. Is there any possibility to recover the deleted folder. Is there any software available for chrome bookmarks recovery file.


Feddie Slater

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Google Chrome forgets the last used passwords even when saved

I keep selecting the save password option when asked but again all passwords needs to be entered each time

Where can i have them stored

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I want to know about a Chrome extension that will allow Speech2Text enabled microphone symbols for text-input boxes on any webpage. I just heard it exists so I want to know where to get its and how it works. Waiting for your replies. Thanks.

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What are the tools to use in Chrome as extensions to benefit better on Instagram

Best 10 Chrome Extensions for Instagram

Please suggest 10 with features in each

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One of my friend today told me that Google Chrome has a new option to share the screen with anyone I want in just 1 click. Where should I check this and how can I achieve doing the steps. This is a replacement to teamviewer? Wow would love to have a way without installing anything extra.

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Hi Friends,

How can I fix my Flash Player Mac in Chrome ? Do we have to download Flash Player if I use Chrome. One of my friends told that Flash Player is integrated into Chrome and is enabled by default and it will automatically update the new versions of Flash Player. Is that true ?

Please suggest,

Darline B Daniel

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Recently, I downloaded Google Chrome Browser using Ubuntu 13.04 and when I attempted to install it an error message appeared which I can’t resolve without your suggestion. I have searched for solution from many forums but I didn’t get any resolution. Please give me idea to fix the following issue. Any help would be grateful. Thanks for everything.

Package installer-google-chrome-stable

Status: Error:Dependency is not satisfiable: libudev0 (>=147)

Version : 26.0.1410.63-r192696

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On my sister's laptop, I have Google Chrome as a browser. Unfortunately I can't change that, and so I have to use this as my browser until my computer will be fixed. The problem is, that I don't have music in the computer, and when I logged on to Youtube this morning, it said that Youtube cannot play video file. Can you guys help me with this error? How exactly can I fix it, because I really need music and Youtube is my only option right now. Thank you for your help.

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I am getting the following error message while the lessons are being closed. Is this the problem with articulate player?

How can I fix it?

What is the main cause of this error?

I need your suggestion to resolve the matter.

Thanks for any help.

LMS Message (Thu Feb 02 2012 17:21:35 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)):

Failed to save your progress. Http Status Code of 0 was returned.

Press OK to save your progress again cr press Cancel to close this course.

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Hello Guys,

I am using Gmail for last 6 years, I need to access my old mails,even when there is no internet connection.

Seems like there is an option with Gmail, Please guide me to setup Offline Gmail using Google Chrome.

Thank from, Alland Ornad