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My computer runs Windows 8 and I use Chrome as my default browser. Every time I open Chrome, I get 2 search tabs from AVG and a single MSN tab. I don't want these in Chrome but I cannot find any options in the setting that would allow me to remove it. How do I remove it so I will get a blank tab when I launch Chrome?

Category: Google Chrome

I use Chrome as my internet browser. It locked up on me one time, so I had to close and reopen it, but when I did, most of the websites showed up as text only. It does not even show me pictures anymore. I tried all the settings, deleted the caches and cookies, I reset everything and nothing seemed to help. Is it a problem with my browser or something else?

Category: Google Chrome

Hello everybody,

I am facing problem with Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.153m while loading web pages. I am able to open Facebook but no other Google sites are working. Yesterday onwards I was facing this issue. I tried so many ways and done a full virus scan. But no use. With internet explorer I am not getting any problem. But only problem with Google Chrome. Anybody had the same issue? Please provide me any solution for this problem.

Thank you so much in advance!

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I have a Samsung Note 3 and cannot connect to the internet. Mobile data is already on and I'm getting a strong H+ signal. However, I am getting an 'SSL connection error' in google chrome whenever I open it. What is causing this error and what can I do to fix it?

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I use Google Chrome as my default internet browser and I have not encountered any problems with it until now. I get an error every time I open a website that says ""Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.' What is causing this error and is there any fix for this?

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I am getting a new error in Chrome while I am loading. All of a sudden I am getting this error message. This error makes me more frustrated and I am struggling very hard to find the solution. Please guide me to the solutions. Is there any version problem? Do they have version? Your help is great. Thanks in advance.

Could not load extension from ‘E:\Apps\CSP’. Invalid value for ‘content_security_policy’.

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I have heard Google Analytics is to be automatically updated very soon. May I know what does this auto conversion mean for my Google Analytics properties? Will the tracking codes be updated also? I am highly concerned as I don't have enough resources to retag my site right now.

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Hi Friends,

I got Juniper network connect. I am using both FireFox and Google Chrome browsers in my Windows XP. Juniper network connect Chrome doesn't work properly. It works nicely in FireFox. Does the problem with my network connect or with my Chrome browser.

Thanks & Regards,

Willis K White

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Hi Techyv Friends,

I am using Google Chrome as my default browser. I got drawplus toolbar in Chrome, through some application. Now I need to remove that, How to delete drawplus toolbar from my browser. And also tell me how to delete drawplus banner.

Thanks in advance friends,

Christopher A Hopkins

Category: Google Chrome

Hi Guys,

What is last version of Chrome browser. I thought, I was using the latest version of google chrome browser, but when I open a certain web page it shows the message "Your Current browser Dose not open the web page", Even though my internet connection is fine and those web pages are working with other browsers. Is there anything wrong with my current version of Chrome. Or I should install the any other of the Chrome browser.

Guide me,

Alisha Stone