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What are the causes and solutions on fixing my HP Photosmart Printer when it showing an "Error 0x18A0001. Ink system Failure"?

Category: Hardware

I have created some flash buttons but I need the ways to import it to Dreamweaver. And also, what are the codes to insert it to my website? Any help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

Category: Hardware

What site can I search on how to learn anything about computer hardware and software?

I need a complete guide from basic to the most recent studies about computers.


Category: Hardware

I installed Creation 2012. When I opened it, I got an error “Content Creator Crashed” and my DVD stopped working. When I tried to repair it, it still failed.

I got an error in the log that describes “Faulting application name: VideoWave13.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e2467ec” with exception code of 0xc0000005.

How can I correct this?

Category: Hardware

 Hi, I completed a LabVIEW project and when I tried to install the solution on the user PC, it is not working and gives me an error with code -201003. The error code submits a LabVIEW connect and I can’t find it in the NI website. Anyone knows which component I need to add to the installable version? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Error – 201003 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (DO-Digital Output).vi:3

Category: Hardware

I attempted to download NFL game into my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when an error appears. I am under Verizon and yet and I have tried to download it on my iPad but the error message below appeared. What is the wrong with Verizon?

 I have tried to go to the website inserted in the error message and already entered my mobile number to get the NFL Mobile but I did not receive any confirmation yet.

Please help.


NFL Mobile is an exclusive service for Verizon Wireless customers. Please visit http://www.verizoninsider.com/nfl for more information.

Category: Hardware

I found this error in the System Event Log of my Windows XP. This error started after upgrading domain into Windows 2008 R2. I have to open the LDAP in SSL.

I submitted a request to a third-party CA as per the instructions in Microsoft website. What should I do next? Please help me.

The following fatal alert was generated: 48.

The internal error state is 552.

Category: Hardware

I have Sony Vaio laptop and I used Linksys WRT54G router which I used in connecting to the internet. I also used Comcast. My Nintendo Wii can detect my wireless router so I can connect to it without problems. But after connecting using my Nintendo Wii, I always get Error 52130. How can I get rid of it? How can I connect to the internet without this error? Help me please!

Category: Hardware

I am trying to install Epson Stylus C84 InkJet Printer, when I plugged in the USB cord for the printer, I received a newdev.dll error.

I downloaded newdev.dll and copy it in system32 folder but the error remains.

How can I fix this error?

RUNDLL Error in newdev.dll Missing entry:ClientSideInstall


Error in newdev.dll

Missing entry:ClientSideInstall

Category: Hardware

I'm trying to install Windows Virtual PC and XP mode to a Windows 7 computer. When configuring XP with Virtual PC, I encountered error from Windows. The error says, the hardware-assisted virtualization is disabled. I enabled it already in BIOS but I can still see the same error message. How should I fix this?

Unable to start Windows Virtual PC because hardware-assisted virtualization is disabled