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I have been developing a MIMO transceiver for real time by the use of FLEXRIO hardware and Lab VIEW FPGA with CLIP.

When it is combining a new FPGA via, the error message below displays on the PC screen.

If any of you guys can give me some help, I would be very grateful because I have done I lot of work on this and I will be very sad if this become a waste of time.  

Thank you for reading this because I know you will give me a solution.

Primary Software:   Lab VIEW Modules > Lab VIEW FPGA Module

Primary Software Version:   2011

Primary Software Fixed Version:    N/A

Hardware: Modular Instruments > FlexRIO > PXIe - 7965R

Category: Hardware

What are freeform mobiles what is these mobile capable ? Are there any other vendors who provide these kind of mobile ?

Category: Hardware

Which of the following are not true about optical disks? 1) They can store picture images as well as text. 2) They are available in fully erasable form. 3) They are read from and written to by laser beams. 4) Data can be accessed from them faster than from magnetic disks.

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The Arduino is here to replace Mom in reminding you to maintain your good posture. Is the Arduino really accurate in determining if the user is already stooping or not maintaining good posture?

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Please explain Multi-level Queue Scheduling with an example. Also, I need to know the strategy that I need to adopt to increase the CPU time allocated for a particular process?

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The speed of my computer is very weak that it needs periods of time to implement the system.

If I open the pages of Internet, the antivirus and spyware would run automatically thereby rebooting the hard disk what do I do?

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What are the methods to correct the USB device that does not recognized the error? Is there step to initiate recognition of the USB device? Hope to have an idea on how to correct it.

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I thought the problem was my hard drive but it still happens when i take it out. i hear a click sorta thing then it shuts off and turns on again

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I was wondering my XBOX was turning off and on. When i turn it on after about a minute it freezes then shuts off then back on and it repeats that


Category: Hardware

Hi experts,

Recently, I found some error messages pops up on my laptop. It is HP ProBook 4330s. They are continuously displaying, and I assume that the problem may be much bigger then my thought was.