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My Onyx 32 GB Drive is only a week old and already receiving errors. What does “remaining life” mean? How much life is left on this new Drive?

Do I need to worry about these errors?

Category: Hardware

Recently I purchased a portable DVD player and today tried to update its firmware to latest version. Firmware easy home DEV portable player failed to update in the middle and I was hoping if someone knows the cause and how to rectify this problem? Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Category: Hardware

Can anybody suggest software that can help me in overclocking my machine's CPU/GPU/memory etc.? Preferably, it's one that I could use while on the OS environment, but I'm not sure if it can only be through BIOS mode?

I am also concerned with dust issues, and have been worried when one time while playing a game, my CPU's temperature went up to over 60°C. Other specs of my machine include an AMD processor (stock cooler) with MD/ATI graphics and GIGABYTE mobo.

My RAM is Kingston (value series, DDR2-800 CL6). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Category: Hardware

I need a project on instrumentation can you provide me any suggestion? Can i have any interesting and technical topics regarding projects?

Category: Hardware

I have a user form. Now I need to position it to the rightmost ribbon menu item which is in a tab group. So how could I find the left pixel property of a tab group button?

Please give me a solution.


Category: Hardware

Hi , While using the android device , i get troublesome .It is not hoped by this device .

What can be done ?

Error message :

The process android.process,
acore has stopped
unexpectedly. Please try again.

Force close

Category: Hardware

I accidentally deleted hpqscnvw.exe oblivious to the fact that it’s an important file for my HP PSC All-in-One with Digital Imaging. Every time I open my PC or run other programs, I receive an HP application exception error “hpqscnvw.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program. ”

This is now causing significant damage to my system. If it is the solution, how can I restore the .exe file?

Is it possible to clean damaged files if there are any?

Category: Hardware


I want to increase the voltage orientation that the LLC resonant step is using.

How can I do it?

When I utilize the software TMDSIACLEDCOMKIT_GUI, I am not able to move the slider labeled "Resonant Output".

Here is the error message.

Texas Instuments - Isolated AC Lighting Kit

Category: Hardware

AOL HD connected TV app has changed its name. With changing its name, what has it changed in it?

When is the changing form coming to us?

Category: Hardware

I knew the CyanogenMod 9 is now more stable. Will it support all devices now? How can I fix it easily? Please tell me the process.