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Category: Hardware

I’ve just learned that HTC's deluxe-sized 4G-capable Smartphone has landed on Telstra's 4G network in Australia. Can anyone describe the specification details please?

Category: Hardware

One of the known peripheral company,Power A  announced their latest peripherals, the Moga System for Android device.

What should we expect from this new peripheral especially in terms of games? Do you think this is really helpful for the gamers like me to have this. Please give me some advice.

Thank you.

Category: Hardware

What are the features of SonySmartWatch? Is it like an upgraded iPod nano with the accessory?

Category: Hardware

Sony was known to be the camera manufacturer for other companies.They believed that the feature of  Nikon D800 is a feature from Sony as well as the camera of iPhone 4S and more.

Is the coming iPhone 5 also has the camera components from Sony?

Category: Hardware

The latest version of Canon DSLR 60Da is now available in the market and ready to purchase in United Kingdom with the rice of £1,175.

I want to purchase it but I am here in US. When it will be reach US and what is the price of it ?

Category: Hardware

My friends telling me about this power rip pro that will be compatible in Nintendo 3DS.

They say that it has a battery power pack extended three times.

I want to have this kind of peripheral.

They said it will be ship in October.

Do you have any on what is the price of this?

Category: Hardware

I heard that there is something new product that will be release with the connection to PS Vita and this is the Power Grip. I want to purchase this product because it enables any user a solid grip in order to hold this PS vita.

When it will be available in market ?

Category: Hardware

Nyko showed another gaming products and this is the PS Vita Power Grip. What is the advantage and the purpose  of this Power Grip?

Category: Hardware

Hello there experts! 

The new graphics card that is recently launched by NVIDIA is said to have a very high performance and more better than many other graphics cards in the market.

Can anyone tell me what are the new features and specifications that have made this graphics card earn this fame of being exceptional? In addition to that, please compare between the latest graphics card of ATI and suggest which is better.

Category: Hardware

If ever envia system battery will click on the consumer and buy and electric car just for it would it be worth it to save money compared to cars run by gas and can contain more heavy loads?