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Category: Hardware

I want to use an external hard drive as my internal hard drive is full in space but I am not sure that I will be able to use it.

Please tell me if it is possible and of which company should I use the new external hard drive.

Category: Hardware

I want to make my usb drive bootable so that I can install some softwares from it. Does anyone here know to make usb drive

bootable?Any sort of help would make me happy.

Category: Hardware

Why the light of my Caps Lock is not working? Even when my caps lock is on, the light on my keyboard does not glow.

As a result, I cannot be sure of my caps lock being on or off. Unless I type.

Is there anyway to fix it or should I buy a new keyboard?

Category: Hardware

Why can't I send any email through my laptop? I am using ACER laptop. I am having this problem from few days. Do you guys know how to solve this problem?

Category: Hardware


I am wondering if there are criteria that I can use as basis to know that the application works in versions 2.2 and 3.0 of Android OS?

Like for example,

  1. It can be installed
  2. The response time is fast
  3. It supports the screen resolution...

Please guide me.


Category: Hardware

What can I do to repair my dead USB? How can I recover my files?

Category: Hardware

Has anyone tried out the new raspberry pi? I'm thinking of buying one and experimenting with it. What is the fedora remix like?

Category: Hardware

My computer shuts down from time to  time. I checked the processor fan. it is working well. What could be the reason?

Category: Hardware

What if one have checked already his start / power button and found that it wasn't really its start/ power button that has problem.

The computer fails to turn on, what part of the computer has the  problem? is it the motherboard? or the power supply?

Category: Hardware

Why does my computer keep running scan disk on start up?