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Category: Hardware

I already own a tablet and a smartphone. Since both of them are getting old, I was thinking of swapping them for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. From what I read online this device will allow me the wide screen and functionality of a tablet with the portability of a phone.

Is this true? Is a phone so big actually practical? Is a tablet so small usable? How does it compare in terms of functions with a smartphone and a tablet?

Category: Hardware

I would like to buy a smart watch, but I am not sure which one I should choose between the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2. I am an Android user and I would like it to interact with my Galaxy S4 phone and, ideally, with my Nexus Tablet.

How do the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Sony Smartwatch 2 compare in terms of connectivity, support, and flexibility of use?

Category: Hardware

My old analogue portable TV is broken, so I need to buy a new one. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a huge market for this product, even though the models I saw seemed quite advanced, at least in looks. My problem is that I am not sure how to choose a portable TV. Battery life is important, but apart from that?

What makes a portable TV a good portable TV? What should I stay away from? What is the best model in the market so far? 

Category: Hardware

I am thinking of buying a Kindle, but I am not sure I understand how these three models differ. I only understand that the Kindle is the cheapest and the Kindle Voyager is the most expensive. I have never used an e-reader, so I don’t know if some of the features listed in descriptions are useful.

Which one of these three delivers more when compared to the cost? 

Category: Hardware

I would like to update my e-reader, and I have read fab reviews of the Amazon Kindle Voyage. I would like to know what its most distinctive features are.

In other words, why should I upgrade to the Amazon Kindle Voyage? What features make it stand out? Does it have shortcomings or drawbacks in usability?

Category: Hardware

I have had this problem while playing both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Diablo III, so I don't think they are related to the games.

Sometimes the PS4 shuts down completely, without warnings and apparently at random. In those occasions, there is also a red light that blinks where the white one should be.

Is it something I can solve on my own? Is it serious?

Category: Hardware

I am having some issues with the disc player of my PS4.

The last disc I removed was fine, but the PS4 beeped a few times. Now, when I try to insert a new disc, it makes noises like it is trying to eject something. There is no disc in the device, but I cannot insert a new one.

Is there a solution that won't require me to have it repaired?

Category: Hardware

Hi all,

1 month ago I bought a new Apple TV. Mostly I use it for listening music. It was working fine until yesterday.

But today I have connected TV through an HDMI cable and also connected to the home theater through the audio cable (optical). I played music through my iPhone on TV. But the music is playing through TV not from the home theater. I checked all the connections and settings but could not understand where the problem is.

How can I get audio from Home theater? Please help me find the solution for my problem? Thanks in advance!

Category: Hardware

Hi all,

Recently I bought a new Samsung HMX-H300 Camcorder and it is really amazing.

But, after taking the videos I am not able to import the videos from it. When I connect it to the laptop and try to import into movie, it is starting to import the videos, but just 10-20 seconds before it is getting stopped or stuck.

Did anybody faced this kind of issue? Please give me advise. Thanks in advance!

Category: Hardware

Hello friends,

3 months ago I bought a new Sony SW2 Smart Watch 2 (Silicone Strap). This is my favorite smart watch. It is working pretty well very without any issues.

But 1 week onwards it is not at all charging. It just turned off. I tried to charge, but no use. It is not showing as charging and also not turning on. It is completely not working. Now I can't use this watch. Will Sony customer support helps?

Anyone faced the same issue before? Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance for your help.