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Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook what are the features?

What are the differences between Dell XPS 12 vs Dell XPS 13

Cost and features of this Ultrabook

What is the Graphics power?

Category: Hardware

Interconnect hard drives and make it one big storage.

I have 7 SATA Hard Drives each of 500 GB. I wanted to know if I could interconnect all hard drives with some device/cables and make it one large storage and have some kind of RAID configured?

Is this something possible. Please guide me with the materials I may need and steps.

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Hi People, Good Morning,

Connect 2 Laptops to one big LCD screen

I have a HP and IBM laptops and a 25 inch LCD monitor with HDMI capability. How can i connect my both laptops into this 1 LCD so i can switch over both and work.

One could be doing some automated tasks while i work on the other


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Hi Bro,

HDMI Samsung TV connect to Wifi

I have a Samsung LCD which has a HDMI post and i need a way to connect it to my Wifi so i can use my iPhone to control the TV

Any ideas on steps to achieve this?


Category: Hardware

Since I purchased my iMac I have been able to burn DVDs using Toast Titanium expect for the last 3 DVDs. Lately I haven’t been able to burn any Disc because of the error shown in the image below. As I said it only started a few days ago. Any ideas?

The drive reported an error.Sense key = Hardware Error  Sense Code = 0x03, 0x01

The drive reported an error.Sense key = Hardware Error

Sense Code = 0x03, 0x01

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Hello guys,

I am experiencing an error when I start my computer just after the boot process. I am running Windows 8 and I have lots of programs installed so I can’t figure out what is causing this behavior. Please assist me.


The condition must be Boolean!

Category: Hardware


When I start my ASUS laptop I see the error shown below. I tried contacting ASUS support but no solution yet. What do you experts think?

Chameleon Error


Error – couldn’t determine ActiveX GUID

Category: Hardware

My Epson printer is showing an error that says my printer have come to the end of service life. The light is flashing with orange color. What is the meaning of this? Is it fixable?

Category: Hardware


Something has gone wrong with my external HD now I am unable to mount using Ubuntu. The following error message shows during mount the volume. How can I resolve this problem? Any help would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

Cannot mount volume.

Unable to mount the volume ‘My-Soft’

Category: Hardware

Hi experts,

I bought a wireless printer Brother DCP-J385W to use with my laptop and desktop computer. I have installed Windows 7 on both systems.

I can use printer properly with my desktop computer but I can’t use it properly with laptop however, I am able to install everything except the driver.

The following error message displays saying “Printer driver was not installed”. What could be the cause of this error?

I really want assistance to resolve this matter.

Thanks in advance.

Printer driver was not installed. Operation could not be complete (error 0x00000002).