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Category: Hardware

How many cables does a PS4 box with?

What are all the cables that a PS4 comes with in the box

Can anyone explain whats the use of each cable

Category: Hardware

Best 5 Datacenters in the world?

Can anyone help me with a list of 5 best datacenters

With whats so fancy in them


Technology used


Can i have 5 videos as well which shows the datacenters of Facebook/Google/ any other top Datacenters you might think are best

Category: Hardware


After upgrading my development machine (Win7 x64) and a few clients (Windows 2008R2 x64) to SP1 (x86), I started to get strange issues. Why I would get strange errors, such as ‘The setting your entered isn’t valid for this property, orAction Failed Error Number: 2950, or Runtime Error 3270 Property not found.?

Failed Error Number 2950


The expression On Change you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The setting you entered isn’t valid for this property.

Category: Hardware

I want to record some channels and wanted to know if we have any options to record the channels from the TataSky channels to my Laptop hard drive. What are the softwares and the hardwares needed.

Category: Hardware

Is this a phone that has the best screen size? LG G Pro Lite Dual has a dual sim?. How can I insert the Sims? Heard has an interesting way to add Sim cards?

Category: Hardware

Is the Sony CP-V3 USB Portable Charger released in the US? Which are the countries that have them?. Can I have all specifications and the usage purposes of this device?

Can this work for a laptop charging as well?

Category: Hardware

I have a setup that my laptops are always in charge and cables are always plugged in. Can I have a option within OS to easily On/OFF the charging? This makes it easier for me to not search which cable to plug in each time and can save my Batteries overall life

Category: Hardware

I have a few laptops/Desktops & Mac books and wanted to know if I get to some site and scan my hardware will I be able to find what more I can add to my existing hardware? Like more ram or processor speed etc. This will help me to decide what to buy?

Category: Hardware

Many new devices nowadays say it's compatible with USB 3.0 what does this mean? What's the difference between them? Why USB 3.0?

Category: Hardware

I wanted a step by step help on how to install it. Also can I know the known errors and how to overcome them. I am keen in knowing the issues this might cause and then decide to upgrade. Please give me a detailed upgrade step