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Hi friends,

When I install Macromedia Dreamweaver in my system, it works to a core without any issues. Until I experience this error message, I get this error message often when I try to make a connection to host. Nevertheless, I am sure about the login user name and password is correct. Where else do I need to check before establishing the connection? Please help. Thanks.

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Category: Hardware

Hello Ally,

Experts please help me to install the Ultra surf in the system. I am not able to complete the installation successful getting an error message. Is my Antivirus protecting me from new update or installation? Even I tried after turning off the antivirus still I get this error message. Please help me. Thanks.


Windows will install necessary files. Please disable your Antivirus before further installation proceeds.

Category: Hardware

Hi there,

I got stuck at one point and not able to move forward. When I try to install a program through IExpress wizard I ended up with an error message. I am not sure where went wrong literally. Is this a problem related with the operating system? Do I need to reinstall the operating system? Please help me. Thanks.

Mike Morawski IExpress Test

Error creating process<Command.com/c


Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.

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Hello tech savvy,

The system upgrade went successful without any major issues. I was literally happy but it does not last long. I tried to update the existing software in the system. While I am doing that, I came across this error message with java. It says some dll file is not found and no update done. But I did that update still I get this error. Where I’m going wrong? Please help. Thanks. 

Java(TM) Update

Category: Hardware

Hi tech savvy,

After successful installation of Internet Explorer in the system, I got an error message. When I open the internet explorer for the first time to browse, I got an error message. It says that error caused because of some dll file. I do not understand whether it is corrupted or missing. Please help me to find the root cause of this error message. Thanks a lot.

Iexplore has caused an error in MSHTML.DLL.

lexplore will now close.

If you continue to experience problems,

Try restarting your computer.

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I am a beginner in Dreamweaver; recently I installed the Dreamweaver in the system. The installation went pretty well and good without creating problem in the system. Then I started to work with it all of a sudden I ended up with an error message. I got this error while I am dragging some text in the project. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks. 

An unidentified error has occurred



Category: Hardware


I know this might be a simple error or issue but this error makes me mad. When I try to access web tools from internet explorer, I stuck up with this error message all the time. I am not a technical person with great knowledge. Please help me sort the error and fix the problem. Is this related with antivirus software in the system? Please help. Thanks. 

Category: Hardware

Hello Pro,

After the system configuration when I try to download the browser it went pretty well and good. However, when I try to open the browser for the time I ended up with an error message. I did everything to default settings and I have windows operating system with 64bit. Then I tried to reinstall it again but no luck I got the same error message. Please help thanks.

DOORS report

Category: Hardware

Hello all,

I think I have a problem with the system’s Bluetooth. I have Windows 8 operating system and 64-bit and 500 GB hard disk. When I try to use the Bluetooth, I got this error message. I do not understand what to do now. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help. Thanks.

Inter (R) PROSet/Winreless Software for Bluet…

Could not open key:


Category: Hardware

Hello friends,

Recently I downloaded a new game from the trusted website and it went pretty well and good without any problem. The real problem triggered while I try to install it. For your information, I have Windows operating system 64-bit and 500 GB hard disk and I upgraded my system recently. Please explain me how to fix this problem. Thanks.


FATAL ERROR: Renderer #0

Could not be initialized! Make

 sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. Check log file for more information.