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Can someone please help me? I am using WiiU and I want to download games from the Nintendo eShop but I am always getting "Error 111-9000: An unexpected error has occurred. The software will now close".The miiverse is not working correctly. How can I fix this? I don't think that there is something wrong with my Internet connection. Please tell me what to do. Thanks.

Category: Hardware

I'm trying to import some files from my camera but it failed. Those are video clips and it is happening randomly. I tried importing other media files from my camera to my hard disk drive and it is still the same. How can I fix this?

Import Failed

The following clip encountered an error during import and is still referencing media on the camera:

Clip Name: 2013-03-27 12:15:23

Event: F55 HBO Test

Original Name: Clip0170

Volume: 20130327_A007

Category: Hardware

I have a Logitech C600 webcam running on my Windows 7 PC. It was working fine before but since yesterday I was having some issues when I enable preview. I am getting a black screen only following with an error message as shown below:


Unable to add the video capture source to the filter graph.

Class not registered

[0x80040154 / 10683]


I even tried it on Skype but it only detects the speakers and its microphone. The video was not detected and I can only see black screen. How can I resolve this issue?

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My PS4 automatically ejects discs outside when am in the middle of a game and can't put it back in like it has a another disk inside it and also it makes a noise when inserting a disc. Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any fix for this?

Category: Hardware

I know in the years we have 100's of different rams from servers to Laptops to Phones etc

I want help in listing top 20 RAM's

All the types of rams available till date from Day 1 till 2013

Top 20 ram models and differences between each please

Category: Hardware

All the SD cards we had till date?

We have so many SD card sizes and models with different capacities

What are the different types from Day 1 till date 2013

Category: Hardware

Gaming Sound cards do they really matter?

I am a gamer and wanted to know if the laptop sound card is good enough or an external Sound card would be better with a expensive head phone?

What do you suggest to buy and why

Category: Hardware


I am using an IDS u Eye camera and accessing it through a direct show driver in vision acquisition software. I am receiving a windows kernel error when I try to open the camera for the first time from an application instance.

The same error occurs if I want to open the camera from MAX or running a LabVIEW code. The error does not pop up if I run the Lab VIEW code as a built executable.

IDS u Eye camera

NIMax.exe – Vstupni bod nebyl nalezen

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To my dismay I can't launch the software and I am getting this bizarre error message. I am running Mac Operating System and have tried to resolve this problem. Help me with expected solutions. I would be grateful to you.

ITunes quit unexpectedly while using the  sonix SNIX 5NC201 webCam plug-in

iTunes quit unexpectedly while using the

sonix SNIX 5NC201 webCam plug-in.

Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report

To see more detailed information and send a report to apple.

Category: Hardware

Why my Xbox 360 console does not work? I am getting “E68. System Error. Contact Xbox Customer Support” error message on a black screen as well with the lower right quadrant of the “Ring of Light” on the front of my console flashing red. What does it mean? Is this something serious?  How I can fix this problem?