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Category: Hardware

My Nexus 7 is behaving weirdly since the last update. Sometimes it behaves as if I pressed something, even though my hands were nowhere near that point. For example, when I am reading a message, the Nexus types a couple of letters, even though my hands were not on the keyboard. I don’t know if this is related, but it also seems to be lagging a bit more than usual. Are there some settings or some steps I can take?

Category: Hardware

Hello. My Compaq desktop computer (DC510SFF) does moderately fine for a daily home use, but I would like to try and speed it up a bit. It has a 2 GB RAM, a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz. I just would like to gain some more speed without spending too much money. What should I buy, that is compatible with what I already have?

Category: Hardware

I bought a Moto X smartphone to use together with my Moto 360. When I try to connect the two, however, I cannot get past the “Choose a device” screen in Android Wear. What could be the issue? The Moto 360 has never been connected to another phone, and the Moto X is brand new.

Category: Hardware

I have noticed that my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro will not complete recharging the battery if I don´t reboot it and plug it in again. When I leave it all night to recharge, I wake up and the battery is somewhere around 70%. If I unplug it and then plug it in again the battery will not keep on charging. If I reboot the device, and then plug it in, it will charge to 100%. What is happening, and why?

Category: Hardware

My Sony Xperia Z2 works like a charm in most situations. But it cannot seem to be able to handle more than a minute of 4k video recording. If the shooting lasts more than a minute or so, the phone shuts down.

Is this a common issue?

Is it a problem that can be fixed by me without the need of repairs? 

Category: Hardware

When I try to connect my LG G3 phone to the car stereo with a standard 3.5 mm Aux cable (double male), the phone refuses to connect and the music keeps on coming from the phone speakers.

However, my headphones work fine. I thought the problem was the cable, but other devices interact perfectly with both the Aux cable and the car stereo.

Are there any ways to fix this?

Category: Hardware

Hello. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has recently developed an annoying habit of self-rebooting at random. It can happen when I am playing games, writing messages, and one time even during a phone call. There is no consistency on what action triggers the reboot.

Are there steps I can take on my own before I send it to be repaired?

Category: Hardware

I would like to buy an e-reader for my 7 and 10 years old children.

I would like to buy something in colour, so they can enjoy the pictures as well as the story.

I also need something that is only for books, and not another avenue for playing video games (so this rules out tablets).

The device needs to be sturdy, because children are destructive, no matter how well behaved.

At the moment I cannot decide between the Nook HD and the Kindle Fire.

Category: Hardware

Since the last update, my LG G2 phone has problems connecting to mobile data networks. Normally, it would connect automatically as soon as I lost a viable WiFi signal. Now it doesn’t, even when I see the mobile data network paired with the full signal icon.

Is there some solution or setting variation I can try to solve this issue?

Category: Hardware

I need to buy a new projector, as my old one needs to be retired. I have been a happy Epson customer, so I am wary of change. However, there seem to be some viable alternatives on the market.

Right now I am looking at the Epson VS230, which sports 2800 Lumens and seems enormous in pictures, and the Viewsonic PJD5533W, with 3000 Lumens and a bit less bulk.

Which would be the best choice?