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Hi experts,

When I try installing the Windows SDK in the system, I stuck up with this error message. I tried repeatedly but I cannot skip this step. What I have to do now to get rid of this error message? I do not want to continue this setup without required components. Please do help me experts to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. 

Windows components cannot be installed

Category: Hardware


When I try to download and launch or setup a new game in the computer I ended up with an error message. For your information, I tried the new game with beta version from the authorized website. In addition, I have Windows 8 64-bit operating system. As per the error message, I tried to restart it but nothing magic happened. Please guide me. Thanks

FFIV Launcher

A problem occurred while updating.

Please restart FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn (Beta Version).


Category: Hardware

Hello troubleshooters,

I decided to upgrade the system from Windows 8 operating system to Windows Vista. While I am in the middle of the setup procedure, I got this odd error message. I got the licensed copy from the authorized website and I have all the service pack. I do not understand anything from the error message. Please guide me.

Category: Hardware

Hi tech Pro,

My system configuration is Windows 8 with 64-bit operating system and 500 GB hard disk. I have After Effects CS3 version in the system. I regularly update the system and antivirus. I get this error message whatever I try to do in After Effects. Do I need to reinstall the After Effects again? Please help me to fix this error without reinstallation. Your help is great.

Category: Hardware

Hello Brainy,

Last week I did the Avid Media composer online upgrading in the system. In addition, it went perfectly well and good without any problem.  I got a warning error message while I am performing some action in Media composer. The error says that GOP media cannot be exported using same as source. Please help me. Someone could help me to solve this error. Thanks for your help.

Avid Media Composer

Long GOP media can not be exported using same as source.

Please select a custom resolution or transcode to an

Category: Hardware

Hi Tech Pro,

The installation of Quick Time Player went pretty well and good without any error message. The problem triggered when I try to play a movie from an URL. An error pops up with a message “could not be loaded because it could not be located”. Then I tried to reinstall the application but still I get this error message. Please help me. Thanks.

Category: Hardware

Hello experts,

Recently I did the Quick time player installation in the system. The installation went perfect without any problem. For your information, I have Windows 8 operating system 64-bit and Lion 10.7 version. I get this error often whenever I try to perform some operation. Please help me to fix the error message. Your help is great. Thanks

The operation could not be completed.

Category: Hardware

Hi friends,

When I try to download Adobe in the computer, it went perfectly good. It did not throw me any error. However, I got an error message when I try to install it. The error says that there is a problem with the download. I tried again to download the Adobe but I still get the same error message. Please help me to download in proper manner. Thanks a lot. 

We’ve encountered the following issues:

Sorry, there seems to be a problem with the download process

(Error code: A12E5). For troubleshooting tips, please visit our customer support page.

Category: Hardware

In Ultra Surf when I try to load the wine I ended up with an error message. Application is trying to load the wine but somehow it is not done. It says the application is already installed but nothing is happening. The error says some dll file is not there, how do I fix the missing dll file? Do I need to re-install it? I cannot fix it without reinstallation, please help. Thanks. 


Cannot find ‘MFC42.DLL’: Please, re-install this application

Category: Hardware


While I am working with XML project, I came across an error message. This error message does not allow me to work further in the project. It gives me only one option to quit the project. I am not sure where I went wrong so kindly help to figure out the error. Friends suggest me some idea to overcome this error. Badly in help. Thanks.

Application Error : aexp.h2

An error has occurred in process aexp.h2. Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{aexp.h2/aexp.h2.H2}: