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My Samsung monitor works well for near about 2 hours but after that it starts flickering.

After this i have to restart my system and it starts working fine but then again after 2 hours same problem arises.

I am thinking to buy a new LED monitor for my PC please suggest the best in mid range .

Category: Hardware

Hi everybody,

I am having a Nikon D40 DSLR and it was working very nice and I like it so much.

Today suddenly it started throwing an error 'Press Shutter Release Again' and it is not taking any photos. I have switched it off several times, but no use. I have checked if something stuck inside, but nothing found.

Does anybody else have the same issue? Please advice on how can I resolve this issue. Thanks in advance for any help.

Category: Hardware

Hi, I have a Samsung S4 Smartphone and I really like it. It is packed with so many remarkable features. It was working fine at first and I really enjoyed it. But lately, I am having trouble since it keeps on lagging. It will randomly hangs up and will stop on responding. I will turn it off and on to make it work again. I already tried to reset my phone and check on the memory. No luck! What can I do to fix this issue? Thanks.

Category: Hardware

Hi there,

I got this weird error message when I try to rename the file or folder in the computer. The error says that it cannot rename “picture” because a file or folder with that name already exists. Specify a different name. I am sure I do not have a file in that name. What might be the other issues in renaming a file? Help please. Thanks.

File and Folder Rename

Can’t rename “Pictures” because a file or folder with that name already exists.

Specify a different name.

Category: Hardware

Hi there,

In windows operating system whenever I try to register a dll I get this weird error message. I have attached the similar error message from different dll file. They all failed to load the dllregisterserve, in what way I can be successful. Please guide me. Thanks a lot. 

The module “Oleaut32.dll” was loaded but the call to DllRegistereServer failed with error code 0x80070005.

The module “Shdocvw.dll” was loaded but the entry-point DllRegisterServer was not found.

Make-sure that “Shdocvw.dll” is a valid DLL or OCX file and then try again.

Category: Hardware

Hi troubleshooter,

I tried to download and install the Bink in the computer but I cannot do this because of this error message. When I try to run the Bink video, I got this problem triggered. The error says the program can’t start because bink32.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Please help me. Thanks. 

CoDWawmp.exe – System Error

Category: Hardware

Hi Brainy,

When I try to register a plugin in windows operating system using the command prompt as administrator, I go this error message pop up message. For your information, I have windows operating system 32-bit and 500 GB hard disk. The error says the DLLregisterServer entry point not found. How do I fix it? Please help.



Sap 2000Plugin_CSI_Sample1.dll was loaded, but the DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found. This file cannot be registered. 

Category: Hardware

Hello Experts,

When I try to register a dll file by using the Regsr32.exe command-line tool, the dll is not registered and I got this error message. The error says that the dllregisterserver in flvmdv.dll succeeded. How do I fix this problem? Please help me solve this problem. Thanks a lot.


DLLRegisterServer in flvmdv.dll succeeded

Category: Hardware

Hello experts,

I am doing this streaming work for more than months. However, suddenly today I got this error message report. I do reset my key and then pasted it but still no luck. The error says that it could not access the specified channel or stream key. Hunting for solution, please help me. Your help is really great. Thanks.

Steam Report

Category: Hardware


I get this error message when I try to initialize the external hard disk. I tried this after reboot the system but still I get this error message. I am running the operating system from external hard disk. Help me access the files in the disk without formatting. Really, I am in help. Please assist me solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

DATA ERROR (cyclic redundancy check).