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Category: Hardware

I am a fan of Call of Duty Ghosts. But recently while I was trying to launch Call of Duty Ghosts on my PS4 an error message is pops that is “Error CE-34878-0”. Why this error is appearing and how I can fix this problem.

Category: Hardware

How can we fix a dead USB port?

I have not used my laptop ports for a very long time and they dont work now

What are all the ways to fix them?

Software fixes

Diagnosing toold

Cleaning methods

Category: Hardware

Are these joysticks or a complete console to play with?

What is MOGA Hero Power and MOGA Pro Power.

Can i have the differences between MOGA Hero Power and MOGA Pro Power

Also whats best and why?

Category: Hardware

What are the enhancements in Bose qc20 vs qc15

Which is better and why?

What additions are in the QC20

Category: Hardware

What is Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot

What can we do with this with the iPAD?

I heard my friend bought Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot for his iPAD but not sure what its for

Also need complete info so i can buy one

Category: Hardware

What are the competitors to Android and iOS Operating Systems

I am keen to know what are the other operating systems mobile have and can expect in the near future.

Please explain top 10 operating systems for mobiles and whats great about each and which phones have these

Category: Hardware

Whats the cost of a 3-D Printer for home use?

I am amazed with the things the 3-D printer can do now a days. Can i know the cost/Brands/Best places to buy/Softwares used etc

Category: Hardware

What are the Top 10 games for the new PS4 console?

I wanted to know the best games/Cost/experience/Just made for PS4

Please explain in detail

Category: Hardware

Nike Fuelbank vs Fitbit vs UP24

Which of these are better. Can i have a side by side comparison

What devices are compatible with which

What would the best buy be?

Category: Hardware

Jawbone UP24 band features and usage and what are the devices it can work with?

What is Jawbone UP24 band features and usage, who will use it and how is it useful. What are the new features in the UP24 model?