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Category: Hardware

Hi, each time I start my computer, a message that say there is no signal input appears. It then goes o to hang for approximately ten to twenty minutes before booting. This has been going on for some time. What is the problem here?

Category: Hardware

Hello everyone, each time I try to download some data from the internet I am told my megabyte space is insufficient. How do I solve this memory issue? Is there a way I can create the needed space on the computer I currently use? I am in need of advice here, thanks.

Category: Hardware

Hello, I would like to buy some computer hardware and software. Is there anything I should know beforehand? What are the technological, organizational or management issues I should consider. Thank you.

Category: Hardware

Hi everyone, who has an idea on how I can use the normal H Bridge FET, switches for my battery charger and inverter application. I want to use the two in a sine wave offline UPS. The machine I am currently using is a PIC16F72 micro controller. How do I go about this? Thanks for the answer.

Category: Hardware

Hello there,

I disconnect my USB in the wrong way and now my pen drive is spoilt. I would like to know how can i return things to normal once more. The windows I use do not recognize my damaged pen drive.

The pen drive has two USB slots. Thanks for your answer.

Category: Hardware

Hi experts,

I am trying to start my computer server but nothing comes up on the screen.

I keep on getting messages such as system failure, memory test, and such.

What could be the problem and how do I fix it?

I am not good with computers.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Category: Hardware


What is the use of watts when powering machines like computers? I ask this because I want to power a Hercules 9800XT and an Asus A7N8X-EAMD XP2700. Can 300W do? Any answer?

Thank you.

Category: Hardware

I recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy Ace and I want many features in it. Does anyone know where to buy a new Flash Lite 4 for Galaxy Ace?

Category: Hardware

Hi everyone,

I would like to make use of a 24-gauge line cord to attach to my DSL modem. The distance to be covered is about fifteen feet from the wall socket to the modem. Is this link better than the common phone line cord? Moreover, will it work at a faster rate?

Thanks for any helpful information.

Category: Hardware


I have a bits tone generator at my workplace. The model is blits ATG202. I do not know anything about this equipment and how to use it. I ant to know how can I use this and what are the basic configurations of this.

Thank you