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Category: Hardware

I need to check for hardware problems on my HP laptop. 

Is there any website from where I can download HP hardware diagnostic boot CD to do this? 

My laptop runs on Vista, I don't know much but maybe that helps.

Category: Hardware

Hello. I always receive an error when I try to uninstall ACE Mega CODEC pack program:

How I can uninstall this program? Please guide me.

Access violation error

CoDecS DashBoard

Access violation at 010005A0. Read of address 01264E31

Category: Hardware

Hello guys,

I recently bought a Nokia Smartphone after was disappointed by how fast the other phones discharge power. I thought the special characters for Nokia mobiles such as long lasting batteries and strong hardware would be maintained but that's not the case. Why can't smart phones hold power for long or why can’t they use stronger batteries for them?

Category: Hardware


I recently purchased a Toshiba laptop with windows Vista operating system. I want to watch TV programs on my laptop. I purchased a SSD-TV-813 USB2.0 TV tuner and installed it in my laptop. Then I tried to run it, but it shows that the driver is not installed. I am searching for driver for laptop TV tuner. Please tell me how I can resolve my problem ? Is there problem due to hardware or software?

Category: Hardware


I have sony vaio update problem for the sound drivers. I recently tried to update my drivers but on completion, my speakers were not working. Can restore to default settings bring the sound back or there is another way through this.

Please help.

Category: Hardware


I have found a difficulty in version 3.6.1 and 3.6.2. Although 3.6.1 was in French, at the present 3.6.2 is in English on Windows 7 64bit, logged in as an Administrator group user, nevertheless the installed was both UNBLOCKED and Run As Administrator on installing.

Picture of the error:


RomCenter 3.6.2

Unable to write to \romcenter\ romcenter.ini.

Category: Hardware

What are the latest Microsoft certifications available? Can any expert help me with complete details on this?

Category: Hardware


I generally handle all the software related problems concerned to my PC. But recently, I had a hardware issue, which I never handled. My computer graphics are not working as they were before. I think there is problem with the graphics card.

Please note that I am using AMX graphics adapter. I want to guide me how to check the PSU slot and graphics adapter as there is no one to help me.

Thanks in advance.

Category: Hardware


I have got many software CDs with me. I like exploring all the software and to learn the new technologies. One such software is F16. When I inserted the DVD and continuing with the process, suddenly my DVD came out throwing some Fedora disk error.

Please fix this issue as I have no idea on this as I have never faced this error.

Thank you.

Category: Hardware

Hello Experts,

I have a computer in my home, running with windows XP. I have a DVD containing some important files. When I inserted the DVD, I am unable to open it. But I am able to open it on another computer.

Kindly fix this issue as I need to access the files urgently.