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I am exercising an NI PXI-5600 as the downconverter for an NI PXI-5661 vector signal analyzer that was earlier exercise as the downconverter for an NI PXI-5660 vector signal analyzer, while a self-examine in MAX shows a breakdown error code -200324. Some suggestions?

Error-200324 occurred at Self Test

The device self test has failed. The error report from the device driver is as follows:

Error-200324 occurred at Self Test

Possible Reason(s)

Measurements : Device not available in NI-DAQmx. It is possible that the device is used by traditional NI-DAQ or that the device is been reset.

Category: Hardware

I am exercising virtual disk manager and attempting to amend a virtual hard disk.

After that I received an error while applying drive amendments.

How can solve this issue?

Error Applying Drive Changes

Error Applying  Hard Drive Changes

Failed to modify ""Microsoft Virtual hard Disk

Cannot open attachment 'Y:\350.vhd' Error: The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation.

Cannot get information for attachment 'Y:\350.vhd'

Category: Hardware


An error message appears (as shown in the screenshot) for the assembly when I did run my work in Solidwork simulation while simulating of transferring of heat. I don’t understand actually what shall I do now. Can you please help me?

Heat Transfer Incompatible initial temperatures

Heat Transfer

Incompatible initial temperatures

Category: Hardware

Today I restarted my computer because of some repairing issues. But it was surprising for me that after starting the computer an error message window occurred suddenly which you can see in the below attached image.

Please help me to resolve this and also let me know why this occurred?

AClmControl.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error

HP Product Detection

AClmControl.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error


could not be loaded

Category: Hardware

I am trying to install X11 but not able to install this because of the following error message:

New Software already exists on your computer

Problem: You cannot install X11 on this volume. New Software already exists on your computer.

Category: Hardware

In my computer Target Microcontroller is not responding. I don’t understand why this message is occurring over here?

Does anybody know about its solution?

Please help me regarding this issue I am frustrated

he adapter and the target microcontroller.


Target Microcontroller is not responding!!!

Please check the connection between the adapter and the target microcontroller.

Category: Hardware


I have downloaded the driver from the ASUS [company server] and open the Driver-Disk-AHCI-Win7-x64 from the sub folder of main folder, and run/double click the amd_sata windows installer.

The process gets started but it stopped when an error faced by me.

[An error screen shot is here]

AMD Catalyst Install Manager

AMD Catalyst Install Manager

An unknown error has occurred.

Please exit and restart Catalyst Install Manager.

Category: Hardware

Hi there,

There is a problem when I try to register a second Host Bus Adapter HBA with one host. Then I examine the current link status of Connectivity Link Status tab and find that the second HBA does not appear. Consequently I register the HBA with ‘Create.... ’ again.

However, an error message appears in the Create Initiator dialog and please finds the following screenshot for your reference.

Does anyone have idea the procedure of registering HBA and any method for the removal of any unregistered dead entry?

Thanks in advance.

Error: Create Initiator Record

Category: Hardware

Hi Friends,

A couple of days ago I bought a fresh computer with windows 7 64 bit. With it I got a UPS. Later then, I adjust the hardware and attempted to install the software. Unexpectedly Installation aborted and I got an error message which you can see in the below attached image.

Does anybody get this type of error before? I need assistance regarding the installation.

Problem: Repeatedly running there is an instance of setup running.

Please exit.

Category: Hardware

I was using Basic x64 and TMPGEnc Authoring Works, It was worked flawless for me until now. After I set up my options in "Output" which included having the writer settings at maximum level, when I click start, it runs for a few seconds then I will get an error message that says "Unsupported file (error code 0x80040003)".

Media source type selection

TMPGEnc MPEG Edition2.0

Unsupported file (error code 0x80040003)