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My printer is printing blank papers. It's Epson inkjet printer model D64. I've checked the ink, it's full. I've checked the cable and it works fine with another printer.

Category: Printers


I need some help with my printer. I am using it in my home and my cartridge have recently run out of inks. My printer is a four cartridge color printer. Now I do not know how to replace it with the older ones. Should someone know the basics to replace them.

Please kindly inform me.

Daniel Murdoch

Category: Printers

I have Laser Color printer HP 2600N in office. Since last 2 days, I am getting double image print. All words are making their image at back and sometimes on specific places having ink spots. Can some help me out what is the problem. 

Category: Printers

Driver epkowa (package iscan) gives excellent functionality [unsupported by the iscan-free package, requires DFSG non-free plugin in the iscan-proprietary-drivers package: iscan-plugin-gt-x750, overseas version of the GT-X750]

When I click on ok, after that I get the following error message:  


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Even while doing a maintenance clean i still keep getting dust marks on my prints.

Is there a way to prevent this.

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Hi guys.

I'm in need to get my newly acquired ULS PLS 4.60 Laser Engraver set up for some quick backlogged work.

I have found it assembled, exhausted, connected, and have the ULS driver and software loaded.

Everything seems in the right place, but I am receiving the below error message when I click on "Properties" in the print driver.

Need your help.

Thanks in advance


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Why does my PC say that I need to refill ink when I just refilled? I have an HP color inkjet printer. No clue on the manual.

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I am using two HP All-in-One Printers. Now what I want to do is to print same document on two printers at the same time. How can I command the printers to do that? Please help.

Category: Printers

Guys need some help on this error encountered. While I was using the adjustment program for my Epson Printer, I came across this problem:

Epson Printer-adjustment program-error This Program cannot use because it expired.Delete this program and obtain a new one.


Adjustment Program


This Program cannot use because it expired.

Delete this program and obtain a new one.

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I received an error message,  while I was trying to scan to PDF (image of error), but it said to reinstall the software again.

So then I uninstalled and again reinstalled the software but I am getting an error message.

The procedure of the installation start but after that I am getting this error message:

"E:\setup\hpzprl01.exe" -m preloadrecoverymechanism "-*" ". \autorun_network...

The system cannot find the path specified.

Please give me a solution.

Thanks a lot.