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I need help regarding printing an image. I use Windows OS and I have a HP deskjet 930C Printer. I use Kodak Imaging software and load in a document. I create annotations and start printing. I get an error message.

I thought of updating the HP printer driver in the HP website. I only find this error message in this Kodak software, all of them are tif files. I need any suggestions or solutions. Thanks. Here is the error message:

"There was an Error printing to LPT1: for the printer HP deskjet 930C Printer.

There was a problems printing to the printer due to an unknown system error." 


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Why my computer fails to connect to another computer on the network which has printer shared on it. Each time I try to print some document using that printer connection failed error occurs??

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Does anyone know the reason that why an error with the message “Installation failed” occurs when I try to install a printer on my laptop?

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Hi all,

This is the error message that I received when scanning an IP range:

"An unexpected error has occurred. The operating system returned error message 67 the network name cannot be found."

I have tested all the useful settings needed to solve it but nothing’s changed. What are the required steps?

Thanks in advance.

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Connection problem with printer to pc during printing from MS word and MS excel 2010.

After installing Microsoft Office 2011 to my computer, problems occurred in my computer when I tried to use MS word and MS excel for printing.
As stated from the message I saw from my computer, it was not able to connect printer and when I tried to print any documents from MS word or MS excel, it shows like this: “Unable to connect to printer”.
Anybody out there can help me solve with this kind of problem? I would be grateful if anyone kindly comes up with healthy solution regarding this problem.
Thank you.

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I am quite new to the idea of printing overlays and as expected I am running into a number of problems. How is it that after uploading a certain .PRN to the AS400 and creating an overlay then printing the overlay form the data has been realigned differently from the one I had just before allowing the program to print? Before, I had to change the overlay which happens to be a contact number in MS Word 2003. Can some please help me figure out why this overlay is being aligned to the left and how to correct this?

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Hello, you guys!

I am a Canon Multipass F30 user and it has been running very smoothly for months now until recently when I started getting the error message, "Wrong Cartridge". This is funny because I didn't even change the cartridge. The printer is blocked from functioning by this error message. Because of this, the printer can't print and I can't change the settings. 

I read through the manual and the solution mentioned was to 'Reinstall Print head.' 

Do you have any other recommendations? Please let me know. Thanks!

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Hi, everyone! 

I have a Microsoft Windows ME (Millennium Edition) computer. My printer is an HP Deskjet 930C and I use a Kodak Imaging software to print my .tif documents. These documents were scanned, annotated, and then supposedly printed. However, I get this message whenever I try to print them:

"Error printing to LPT1: For the printer HP Deskjet 930C Printer. There was a problem printing due to an unknown system error."

 I have already updated the printer driver from the HP website but I still get this error message. Has anyone encountered such a problem? If so, your help will be very much appreciated.


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I have used a neat and free piece of software named PDF Creator. However, it has some errors correctly printing under some terms.

The easy way to solve this is to open Printers, then left click on PDF Creator, then pick "Printer properties", click "Ports", then "Configure Ports", and tick "Run as user".

In Windows XP, this has been fixed. But when I have used Windows 7 Operating System I got the following error:

"An error occurred during port configuration. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000001)."

How can I solve this? Need a solution.


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Basically of how many types of printers in the Information Technology?