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I have a Photo Printing business. I edit some ones pictures and print them. 

I wanted to know how to save ink whenever I edit pictures with Adobe Photoshop?

Do I need to fix my Adobe Photoshop settings?

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 Can I print from cloud storage or mobile phone by Pixma MX892? Does it offer automatic double sided print? 

Category: Printers

I have a Lexmark Z600 printer. I am trying to install it from its installation CD but the installation process stops after one or two minuet. What is the solution? Can it be installed from online?

Category: Printers

Hi, Today I was installing a printer driver on my laptop and got this error (see image below).

Don’t know what is it?


The installation failed a detailed log has been written to ControllerLog Select here to open the folder in Explorer

It says that the installation failed. If  there is anyone knows how to fix this,

Please help me. 

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Hi all,

I’m using a Canon lpb 2900 printer. I went to the website and downloaded the driver as per instructed and installed the files with Ubuntu Software Center.

The following message then appeared;


Package operation failed

The installation or removal of a software package failed.


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I want to buy a HP Officejet 4500 Wireless  All-in -One Printer.I want to know from somebody who use this printer about its features and price. Please let me know how this printer works?

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I recently bought a Canon MP287 Printer.

I installed the driver using the installation disk that came along with the package on my computer that has Core i7 8.0G RAM 64-bit Operating System using Windows 7 Ultimate.  

I followed all the steps carefully everything else is working but the scanner.  

Whenever I try to scan documents, the computer gives me an error message that it cannot launch MP Navigator EX 4.0.  

By the way it works perfectly fine with my MacBook Pro.  

I tried re installing the driver several times but I still get the same problem, it there a solution to this?

Category: Printers

This device doesn’t seem to have manual duplexing support on my Mac. What’s the problem?

Category: Printers

I want to buy a printer for my office. When I search for it I got HP OfficeJet Pro 8600. I want some one to give me its details over its performance.

And I also want some technical details like its performance, Max supported Memory, Transmission speed and Its power consumption.

Hope some one will give me an answer.

Category: Printers

Hello, I have tried on several occasions to update my HP printer from the DVD Rom with HP Media Smart DVD, the progress, however did not complete and execute an error. How do I complete the update? Any help is much appreciated.