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Why does my PC say that I need to refill ink when I just refilled? I have an HP color inkjet printer. No clue on the manual.

Category: Printers

I am using two HP All-in-One Printers. Now what I want to do is to print same document on two printers at the same time. How can I command the printers to do that? Please help.

Category: Printers

Guys need some help on this error encountered. While I was using the adjustment program for my Epson Printer, I came across this problem:

Epson Printer-adjustment program-error This Program cannot use because it expired.Delete this program and obtain a new one.


Adjustment Program


This Program cannot use because it expired.

Delete this program and obtain a new one.

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I received an error message,  while I was trying to scan to PDF (image of error), but it said to reinstall the software again.

So then I uninstalled and again reinstalled the software but I am getting an error message.

The procedure of the installation start but after that I am getting this error message:

"E:\setup\hpzprl01.exe" -m preloadrecoverymechanism "-*" ". \autorun_network...

The system cannot find the path specified.

Please give me a solution.

Thanks a lot.

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I am using Windows 7 and Laser Jet printer P2014 which saves multiple print commands.

However, the commands cannot be remove from the printing command queue.

It continues even after switching of the printer and turning it on.

The same problem does not occur while using my laptop with Windows XP.

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I am seeking to install a new HP printer, but and I continuously get an error stating "%1 is not a valid win32 application". The image below is a screen shot of the error. Any assistance is tremendously appreciated. Thanks!

Hp printer installation error-%1 is not a valid win32 application

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Can anyone help me install my AFP printer driver on my laptop (IBM Lenovo)? I tried installing the driver but all I get is an error message (error 0x00000002).

Category: Printers


I am adding the picture of printer below. Recently it has run out of inks and I have bought the cartidges but do not know how to fix them to the printer. Since I have decided to fix them by myself, I really need to know how to do it. So please someone help me over come this problem.

Thomas Maloy

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I just bought a new system which is running Windows 7 on it.

I have nothing on it yet but I just joined a domain here at my workplace but when I tried to install Myfax p2f assistant on it using its own local administrator user name and password I get the following error:

Can anybody please tell me why this is happening or what should I do to install it on my computer.



Error in functions dAddPortMonitor, Error code 126,

Category: Printers

i bought, a  few months ago , ink for my prenter CANON PIXMA MP150 ,this ink is an ink similar to the canon specific inks, at first the printer work ed but after couple of weeks it did not recognize the ink any more.

who can help me please??