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After trying to open the unpacked folder called mflpro, I started receiving the following error message:


Avid Media Composer



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I was installing the MFL-Pro suite for my friend’s Brother printer but I received an error message after downloading and unpacking the software. I think I may have chosen the wrong folder where I attempted to run the Setup.exe file. The error explanation and the correct installation guide are stated below.

Brother IS015 GetMiscInfo – 1 Error


Brother MFL-Pro Suite – InstallShield Wizard

An error occurred during the installation.
Please restart your PC, ensure all active applications are closed
 - Then reinstall "MFL-Pro Suite".

IS015- GetMiscInfo - 1

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I am using Hewlett Packard 1100A (Printer, Copier, Scanner) an old version printer. Copier & printer are working absolutely perfect but the scanner is not working. Let me know how to fix the problem?

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I am using Epson RX500 and I received an error message reading "Printer fault-see your records or telephone assistance if needed". The red Led light is on and the printing device is not gathering the list at all. My printing device is now 16 weeks old and out of the manufacturer's guarantee. 

Service was pointless because all they want me to do was to remove and re-connect to the printing device which would not work. I have tried to use the SSC Service Power but it does not function with the RX500. I have explored on the internet; however can't discover any way to reset my printing device. Is there anyone who can assist? Please.

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When printing to HP-6040, we are intermittently getting "Failed to print" error. This is happening for all staff and there appears to be no obvious pattern as to which jobs print and which jobs fail to print. For example, this morning I successfully printed an MSWord document, then a PowerPoint document, but when subsequently printing another MSWord document it "Failed to print".

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I have a HP Photosmart C4385 printer and I want to install the latest drivers for it. I finish the download, but when I’m trying to extract, I get this error message when I am about 85% of it:

“Extraction Failed Cannot Open Output File” Then, the whole process is closing.

I tried to call HP but the printer is out of warranty and they asked me for money. So I am asking you for a solution to my problem, if you can help then I will be indebted to you.

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Hi! Can someone please help me with this problem I am encountering while scanning with HP Photosmart C6380 All-in-one Printer?

I am getting error as shown below.

I have tried to uninstall and re-install, then download and install again the software which I got from HP website. But this still appears when scanning.

I can use the printing and copying without any problem but when trying to scan through Photosmart C6380, the error automatically appears.

What should I do to fix it?

HP Scanning

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I need to print 237 wide characters in an IBM 6500 printer. For doing this, do I have to do any setting adjustments in the printer?

The same printing task is perfectly done by IBM 6400 and IBM 4230.

But the IBM 6500 prints the character at 10 cpi and the data on one line prints in one and half line.

Please give some ideas

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The black printing in my Epson NX 515 Printer is very spotty and poor. I am using Epson High-CapacityBlack Ink Cartridge which is almost full. Do I need to replace the Cartridge? What could be causing the issue?

Category: Printers

How do I fix either my desktop or printer or both, when my Canon MP210 printer keeps printing when and after the computer hangs and starts the printing all over again when the computer is shut down then booted.

The computer was booted a fresh after numerous attempts to refresh failed.