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I found an error “Unable to communicate with HP scanning software”, when I tried to hookup HP laser jet 3015 all in one via USB to my PC which is running under Windows XP pro. Does anybody have any ideas? Please share with me. 


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There is a customer having problem in printing. It gives the error popping up, “RPT Network Printer Port, having trouble in communicating.“  Something to that effect.

Is there any suggestions?


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Hi all,

I am employed by a law office at Fort Worth TX which has hundreds of employees. Our Xerox 5687 printer has been acting up lately and is printing smudgy and spotty.

This all began when we used the toner from an older machine to refill the toner on this one (Xerox haven´t been punctual when supplying us with refill toner.)

It worked fine that day but the next day it all went to hell with spots all over the print outs or the page just came out grey.

We then decided to swap it with an unhampered cartridge and it produced about 1000 copies. It started to become clearer as it printed more but we just decided to take it offline.

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I am running Windows XP Professional with Delphi Pro. I want to know the connection between Delphi and my printing documents. I created a message handler for the INIT_DIALOG handler but it failed. My question is, should I use the dialog command to print or just simply print the documents?


James Yorath

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AS I am trying to install the software for my HP Color LaserJet 2600n. It is getting an error which says, spooler subsystem app error.  Why am i seeing this error? And how do I solve it?

Spooler Subsystem App

Spooler Subsystem App has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If you were in middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.

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Hello all,

I cannot use my HP Photosmart Plus b209a-m all-in-one printer to print using wireless connectivity, but I used this occasionally. I know that I was the cause of this problem, which is difficult for me to fix again. When automatic update for the printer is applied, the printer failed to function. To make the printer print using wireless connectivity again, it needs software reinstallation.

My machine is running on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit with a Westell Gateway router. I tried to secure help online; they suggested system registry cleaning, WEP configuration. Some blogger in the forum suggested that I should check and configure the IP address of my laptop together with its DHCP range.

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I am running an Officejet Pro A909g. I get the problem in the scanning software. 

I am using two personal desktop. One is running 64 bit Vista with another is running 64 bit Windows 7 Enterprise.  The Officejet is linked via network to these.

The Officejet prints as well as scans are very well in the Vista machine. 

But when I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7, then I have had a problem in scanning.

The scanners works very well after uninstall with re-install the HP software. 

But after a few times, I got the following errors. Please help me to solve it.


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I think, so far we have 10000 dpi in printing. But is it possible to have 100000 dpi?

If yes, which printer is giving the opportunity?

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When I print a document, a message appear "word cannot print, there is no printer installed".

I wonder that I already printed documents before and it was printed and ok.

What is happen to it?

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I heard a news about Brother Pocket Jet Mobile Printer. How small will it be?

If it is very small, how will it be helpful for the users?

What kind of mobile will be needed for it?