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I would love to have a 3D printer . Will the prices ever come down enough so that 3D printing will become common place. 

Category: Printers

Did someone really create prosthetic arm using a 3d Printer. If they did will we be able to create prosthetic limbs for our Vets.

Category: Printers

I have heard  a lot about these 3D printers. I was wondering is there a portable printer that you could take with you ?

Category: Printers

I have been hearing about a printer that uses sand , soil and stone to create objects. I am finding this very hard to believe but I suppose it's not impossible. Does anyone know for sure. 

Category: Printers

I know I am cheap .

But I really don't need a printer /fax/ coffee maker / ect/ ect. I just need a decent printer that prints well for less than a hundred bucks.

Any suggestions 

Category: Printers

I have heard there is a 3D printer.

Is this real and when they say 3D do they mean I need glasses or is it an actual object.

Category: Printers

Hello experts,

I have a client who is getting trouble in printing.

He finds an error message, "Having trouble communicating...RPT Network Printer Port", something to that consequence.

I need to solve this. Help me.

Thanks a lot.

Category: Printers

My Printer is Cannon MF 4320d series Ian using it for 3 years Recently I refilled cartridge it doesn't work Properly.

I sent it into canon service center. After two week they give back . Photo copy and Printer work normally. But Scanner function did not work It shows ERROR 225

Please some body can help me to come out of this error?

Category: Printers

I need a printer to print up flyers . I don't want to user ink jet because of the quality . I was wondering have they created a color laser printer yet.

Category: Printers

Hello experts 

I use a latest MacBook Air which is running OS X 10.7 as well as i am using a latest HP Printer (see above).

But the CD that I got with the printer does not support the OSX 10.7; As a result, yesterday I downloaded 10.7driver software (9/21) from the website of HP.

The setup went easily with no troubles.

Then I went into System Preferences and tried to configure the printer for wireless printing as well as there have been no troubles printing wirelessly.

But the problem occurred when I pressed on the HP Utility sign placed on the Dock in the software installation.

Then I found an error that the HP Utility cannot be opened. What is the reason? Please help me to solve it.