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I have a Sapphire.HD5450.512.091215 graphics card, and it doesn’t support ATI overdrive and the following message appears if I try and open my BIOS. Should I modify the BIOS and load it again? Can someone help me?

Unable to find overdrive settings


Unable to find overdrive settings. Maybe your card simply does not

support overdrive. If you’re sure this card support it, please drop a note

to the eMail-address found in the about section. –Debug information:

‘GetOverDrive’ reported error.

Category: Peripherals

I have a hp pendrive but suddenly I've formatted the pendrive. Now I need a hp pendrive 16gb recovery software. Can anyone help me by finding a powerful recovery software. Also provide me the manual and proper instruction of using hp pendrive 16gb recovery software.

Category: Peripherals
I've heard that flash drive 303b only has 128mb storage capacity. However, they say that it has advantage with regards to its physical size. Is it really handy that one should buy it despite of its low storage capacity? What are the specifications of this type of flash drive? It would be more helpful if you'll share specs from different brands.
Category: Peripherals

Hi.  I have been using Pinnacle 500 USB for capturing/recording analog videos on my desktop.  I recently upgraded to Windows 8 from Windows XP 64 bit and I can't make Pinnacle to work.  It seems like it can't detect the video signal.  Where can I find updated Pinnacle 500 USB device drivers?

Category: Peripherals

Hello there!

I have a USB modem with drivers already installed. However, I find it a bit slow as compared to how it was working previously. I suspect that it could be something with the drivers that I have installed since I lost the original drivers for the USB. Is there a USB modem fast driver that is able to change the speed for the better? Thanks.

Category: Peripherals

Hallo people.

I have this Samsung hard drive installed on my personal computer. I find it difficult to partition the drive to separate documents and music files. I have visited forum Samsung easy partition to establish how to go about partitioning without interfering with the hard drive sectors. Does anyone have an idea how this can be done on a Windows 7 platform? Thanks big time.

Category: Peripherals

I have a Sony Digital Camera which I used to take many pictures.

Recently I got in a problem.

I tried to connect the compact flash drive in to my computer and take all the pictures.

It's seems that the drive is showing in My Computer but when I open the drive the pictures inside the compact flash card doesn't show up.

I tried to connect several times but same result. Is it because virus?

My computer has Norton Internet Security installed and updated.

It's really important for me as there are many beautiful pictures in that flash compact drive.

Please help me.

Category: Peripherals

I have here a flash drive and it is infected by virus. I just want to know how to reformat it properly, and if reformatting would help

For it to be use again?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Category: Peripherals

Hallo Guys!

I am having a Cisco 320 and I am having issues with the drivers after formatting my computer. Every time I try to run it, it says that the version of the software is not compatible with my version of Windows. I have tried to carry out Linksys Cisco 320 download but to no avail. What is this with compatibility issue which I never experienced before? Just to mention, I am using Windows 7 Ultimate same as what I was using before.

Category: Peripherals

Hi! Is there anyone out there who knows where I can get HIP free remote control program? My remote has failed to work completely due to corrupted software. I have not been able to find the software for download to be able to use my remote again. Kindly offer your assistance.