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Why is it that the device I added won't show up on pc?

Category: Misc Hardware

Hello techyv.com!

I'am a hardcore gamer. I want to play more games and the likes. I used to play with my PS3, PSP, and PC. Now I was kinda bored with all of those gadgets now, I wonder what are the top 10 gadgets for men? Something like only or mostly men would like.

Category: Misc Hardware

What are the SECC processors?

What type of computers has these processors?

Category: Misc Hardware

Helloy techyv.com!

It's my salary, and I want to buy something new. Something cool. I was thinking of a gadget, but can't seem to know what type. My greatest hobby is playing the PS3, but I want more gadgets of this type - gaming. But any gadget type would do. May I know what are the coolest gadget of 2011?

Category: Misc Hardware

Hello everyone,

I am using an agere cnc modem on my XP operating system.

But recently there is a problem with the modem.

The modem is not working properly.

Can anyone give me some solutions about it?


Category: Misc Hardware

There are ways that can determine the error of the Hard Disk Drive that can cause bad sectors and many more. Windows XP provides the way to check the disk error by clicking the Hard disk drive’s properties. According to computer geeks and software makers, there are tools that can check the Hard Disk Drive if there is an error. 

So guys, here is my question. What is the chkdsk tools error checking software that has been made through the top of the list? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much.
Brant Joseph

Category: Misc Hardware


I was creating a USB flash device from the Ubuntu 11.04 live CD. I am following the steps as per a forum from the internet:

At 29-30% I will get this error.

USB flash device

Installation Failed

An uncaught exception was raised:

[Errno 5] Input/output error

Kindly Solve the Issue, Thanks in advance.

Category: Misc Hardware

Hi all experts,

I want to gift a new micromax 3g dual sim mobile to my mom on her birthday. I have done all research and surfing about this mobile, still want to know any problem with micromax 3g dual sim mobile. Please give your views how is  micromax 3g dual sim mobile.

Category: Misc Hardware

Hi all mobile lovers,

I was using Samsung basic Android mobile, but now it got damaged due to an accident. Now I want to buy a new double sim mobile phone so that I can use dual sim's at a time. Can anyone help me in searching the cheapest Samsung Android double sim mobile phone and provide me the market value also.

Category: Misc Hardware

Hi all mobile lovers,

My brother was using Samsung basic Android mobile phone, but now that mobile got accidentally defect. Now he wants to buy a good and cheap mobile. I am thinking to gift him a rocker mobile phone which are late in the market. Can anyone help me in providing the information and reviews regarding rocker mobile phone.