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I really want the galaxy S4 and I am going to be switching to Tmobile soon. I don't want to pay a ton of money for it, if I found one for a decent price from another carrier how would I unlock it so I could use it on Tmobile?


I have an Android Tablet model M806S and it was working fine until a few days ago where it can’t start properly. When I turn it on it tries to start but after the Logo is displayed, it hangs completely until I press the reset button then it tries to start again and the process repeats again and again. Please help.

Is there any trick master tool which I can use for Samsung games?

If yes, how can I get it so I can use it to play the games easily.

Is there any software for that? 

And what are the steps needed for this kind of support?

Hello people!

I am having Slackware Para iPad running on my iPad. I have not had any issues with it since. What is worrying me is that lately the iPad has been restarting every time I try to switch it on. When I first experienced the problem, I left it off for several hours and when I switched it on again, it worked just fine. Now, that trick does not work. What could be the problem? Thanks.


I need an MP3 driver updater for Samsung SEC-YPU3 (B) for Microsoft Windows 7. I have been using the MP3 player on a Windows XP platform but I switched to Windows 7. The moment I plug in the player, it says that the USB is not recognized and an effort to update the driver fails. I have also not been able to identify a source for the Windows 7 updater. Please help.

I have a new genesis tablet and was wondering if could connect adb to genesis tablet? I am new to this and need expert advice. I am currently planning on consulting it to an office store but I need at least basic knowledge so that I know what I would as further if I do so. Thanks.

Yes, they say that the post PC era is here and a number of people have switched to the more portable gadgets like iPads and Tablets, just to mention a few. What I would like to understand is the machine analysis on iPad for an informed opinion on some of its functionalities, challenges and, yes, some tasks that I am able to accomplish using my laptop that I am not able to accomplish on iPad.

Hallo! I am really having a serious issue with my iPad. It has been working well all along but lately I am not able to power it off even using the power button. I don't even get the power off slide. Is there another way to poweroff iPad to save me from charging mine after very short durations? Thanks for your help.

Hello fellows. I am using Victor 3G Mobile Phone---WCDMA 2.8 touch screen in a few months, I am just wondering if there are other victor mobile phones that are at least similar to it or even better features than my current phone now? Please help guys, thanks a lot. 

Hello fellows,

I will be in Delhi in a couple of days and I am planning to buy my new Samsung galaxy 3 there as my remembrance in having vacationed there for our IT annual conference. I need help in finding which reliable and most preferred site to look at the Samsung galaxy 3 price in Delhi.

Thanks for the help guys.