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Hallo! I am really having a serious issue with my iPad. It has been working well all along but lately I am not able to power it off even using the power button. I don't even get the power off slide. Is there another way to poweroff iPad to save me from charging mine after very short durations? Thanks for your help.

Hello fellows. I am using Victor 3G Mobile Phone---WCDMA 2.8 touch screen in a few months, I am just wondering if there are other victor mobile phones that are at least similar to it or even better features than my current phone now? Please help guys, thanks a lot. 

Hello fellows,

I will be in Delhi in a couple of days and I am planning to buy my new Samsung galaxy 3 there as my remembrance in having vacationed there for our IT annual conference. I need help in finding which reliable and most preferred site to look at the Samsung galaxy 3 price in Delhi.

Thanks for the help guys.

Hello fellows, I am so obsessed with new gadgets and I truly changed my gadgets every year.

I have been reading forums and blogs with reviews about these new future gadgets.

I want to learn more from you guys, your opinion could help a lot.

What are the 10 best new gadgets for 2011 to look forward?

Hello fellows, Please help me look for Micromax 3g mobiles that has my required specification. I wanted to buy a phone with a 1GHz processor and a 5.0 megapixel camera with LED flash, 0.3 megapixel front camera on-board, 1630mAh battery that will last for 4 hours 30 min of talk time and 150 hours of standby time with 3.98 inches IPS LCD capacitive full multi-touch screen.

Hello fellows, I am building a blog for the latest gadgets for men that will fit the years fashion. For the content I really need your opinion on this one, your thought will make this blog possible for success. Let us start with this questions, what cool latest gadgets for men are on your wish list this year?

Hello guys,

I Only know Inmarsat gives you the best global coverage, and some advertisement claims they even provide services to governments and other well known agencies.

What other company satellite phone can be compared to Inmarsat satellite phone?

Thanks a lot guys.

Hello fellows, I am in a dilemma right now of which among these prestigious phones am I going to recommend for my brother. I read those specifications of each phone but I can not tell the difference since I am not so much knowledgeable about this technical specification. Hopefully you could help me with this one. What is the difference between htc desire HD vs iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S? Thank you so much.

Hello fellows, I am so obsessed with this blog I recently read about dual SIM phone and at the same time a dual standby phone. It says there that there are few phone manufacturers who  has this kind of specifications. Which phone manufacturers offer dual SIM dual standby phones? Thank you so much if you could help me with this one techie people. 

Hello fellows,

My team and I are searching for the most wanted cool electronic gadgets for this year. We are creating a website for it and we badly needed your opinions on here. Which among the cool electronic gadgets you are most interested in? I expect a lot from you techie people.