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How are phones manufactured or created if you like? Please I need a basic insight from someone with experience of the whole manufacturing process. How does the ordinary phone work? Can I design my own phone and contract a company to manufacture it for me or would I have to outsource to different companies who manufacture the parts before assembling the component in a single factory?

My Samsung Galaxy tablet crashes after playing games a few times. What is the cause of game applications crashing on Samsung Galaxy tablets? What is causing this frequent crashing to occur? How can this crashing phenomenon be rectified or resolved? Does it mean that there is a problem with the memory?

I am using Quantum gamepad for playing games in my laptop. It is working fine for some games but with Devil May Cry-5, it is not working. I have enabled gamepad option but it is not responding. It is showing options for Gamepad and I have set the controls for it but when I start to play the game the Gamepad is not working all. Tell me some solution for this problem.

Headphone Jack of my Google Nexus 5 Smarthphone is having problem. When I plugged in my brand new Skull Candy headphones into it to enjoy music, I noticed that sound from only left earpiece was coming. There was no sound from Right earpiece. I used the headphones in my Nokia phone they worked fine but Nexus 5 is having issues. Please help.

Hello guys,

6 months back, I bought a new Toshiba Excite AT7-A8 a 7-Inch 8 GB Tablet for my personal use as well as for work purpose. At the beginning, it was working great.

But now a days the touch screen is not responding properly. When I press the power button sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work. I have reset it to factory settings. But now the screen not at all responding. It never fell down, it has no breakage nothing. I bought it hoping that while traveling I can use it. But now I am not able to do anything with this.

Can someone please suggest me how to fix this issue. Thanks in advance and kind regards!

Hi all,

Recently I bought a new Toshiba Encore WT8-A32 8-Inch 32 GB Tablet with OS Windows 8.1. This tablet is amazing.

But recently I started getting restart/shutdown problems with it. When I press the Windows button, it is vibrating, but the screen is not at all responding. Even for If I shut down it vibrates, but nothing happens. When I press the power button for a few seconds, then only it will shut down.

Anybody experienced this type problem before? Your input and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

Hi everyone,

I have bought brand new HP Omni 10 tablets with Windows 8.1 pre-installed in it. It is really amazing and works great.

But one problem I am facing today is that it is not able to detect SD card. I have tried different brands ones, but none of those got detected. Sometimes it is also causing the screen to stick.

How can I resolve this issue? Any help to resolve this is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.

Hello everybody,

I have HP Slate 7 HD 3404 and it was working fine.

But, from the last few weeks I am facing a lot of issues. I have tried to upgrade it, but always uses it to fail with errors. I lost patience and did a factory reset and it went fine. After that I am able to upgrade it to 4.2.2 kernel 3.4.5 successfully. I felt happy, but I got a new problem. I lost my camera app. I tried to download again but I couldn't do it.

Can somebody help me out here. Thanks in advance!

Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased HP Slate 7 with Voice service.

It is working fine, but facing some issues with voice calls. During the call I am not able to hear the voice properly. When I try to insert the SIM card, I have to take out the back panel and it is taking a long time. The device is getting heated very easily. All these problems look common but not sure how to fix it.

Please help me find a way to resolve these issues. Thanks in advance!

Hello everybody,

I am using an Xperia Z2 tablet with WiFi and from the last couple of days it started making some sound and showing double Vibrio sign even it is not used. Also, its alarm clock got turned off, WiFi not able to turn on. It looks like some problem with the tablet itself.

How can I make it work? Please advise me on how to resolve this issue. Thanks so much guys!