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Hello everybody,

I am using an Xperia Z2 tablet with WiFi and from the last couple of days it started making some sound and showing double Vibrio sign even it is not used. Also, its alarm clock got turned off, WiFi not able to turn on. It looks like some problem with the tablet itself.

How can I make it work? Please advise me on how to resolve this issue. Thanks so much guys!

Hi all,

I purchased recently an Ematic - Edan XL 9 inch tablet and it has 8 GB memory. Till last week it was working fine and getting charged by using AC adapter which I got along with the tablet.

This week It does not recognize this adapter even if I plug it in. The charger is not broken, but it is not working somehow. I use to have the USB cord and now it is also not working. I am not sure whether the problem is with the adapter or system itself.

How can I To troubleshoot this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hi friends, Today I bought a new VTECH CS6114 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone White handset.

I noticed that the stutter tone is not coming if any voicemails are left. I already raised an issue to Customer support regarding this issue. I am facing another problem. That is with the call waiting feature. During call waiting, the caller ID is not being displayed. But caller id is getting displayed only when the call is not waiting. I asked a tech support person for help and they said that my phone piece is defective. But I need this caller ID for every call.

Can somebody please give me some other phones which are having all the facilities? Thanks in advance for your help, guys.

Hi everybody,

I have purchased nook tablet recently and it works simply great.

But, from the last few days I am facing a strange issue. Even if It has more than 50% of battery life, it shuts down on its own saying critical low battery. It also starts flipping all the pages and it will pull all kinds of applications. If I connect to the AC adapter all the time, then only it will work.

Does anybody faced the same kind of problem ever? Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

Hello Guys,

I like music very much and till now I was using my phone for that purpose.

But, it is causing the battery to drain faster and it has no FM radio. So I would like to purchase an mp3 player. I am looking for one which is small in size like iPod Shuffle, but that don't have the radio.

Are there any mp3 players which has a radio and small in size? Any links, suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.

I am using XBox 360 and bought a new controller recently. I attached it to a computer with Windows XP and ran the installation CD, the controller did not sync with the receiver. On pressing the sync button of the receiver, it starts flashing and pressing the same for the controller, the light starts spinning. Its an original controller brought from Microsoft retail store. What can the problem be with it? Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem and repair it?



I really want the galaxy S4 and I am going to be switching to Tmobile soon. I don't want to pay a ton of money for it, if I found one for a decent price from another carrier how would I unlock it so I could use it on Tmobile?


I have an Android Tablet model M806S and it was working fine until a few days ago where it can’t start properly. When I turn it on it tries to start but after the Logo is displayed, it hangs completely until I press the reset button then it tries to start again and the process repeats again and again. Please help.

Is there any trick master tool which I can use for Samsung games?

If yes, how can I get it so I can use it to play the games easily.

Is there any software for that? 

And what are the steps needed for this kind of support?

Hello people!

I am having Slackware Para iPad running on my iPad. I have not had any issues with it since. What is worrying me is that lately the iPad has been restarting every time I try to switch it on. When I first experienced the problem, I left it off for several hours and when I switched it on again, it worked just fine. Now, that trick does not work. What could be the problem? Thanks.