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I just installed a new version of windows on my laptop. Given that my laptop is quite dated, I have experienced a few issues with inboard hardware. I am trying to connect my laptop to the internet but so far I have been unsuccessful. The problem is quite simple, how I can gain access to the internet to download the driver as I have no any other way.

I recently acquired an old laptop and wanted to use it as a backup for my regular system. I have managed to format the laptop and it is working fine. The only thing I want to change is the presence of the burner. The use of dvd has long been forgone, is there an alternative use to this port? Can I connect additional usb ports to that SATA connection?

I just updated my Sony Vaio laptop and installed every single driver that I found on the sony support website. But I found that my touchpad is no longer working. The right click and left click are working fine but the pinch to zoom features and scrolling are no longer available

I am currently running a system with DDR 3 ram and given that I am a gamer, processing speed is a key factor for me. I am seriously considering to upgrade to DDR 4 ram as I have been told that obviously the processing speed is much improved and that it is much smoother in terms of voltage. Can anyone give me more advantages to confirm my choice?

I have a five to six old hard disk lying around and I my opinion I think that most of them are broken. The thing is that most of them contain data that are important to me. Is there a way for me to extract the data, even though the enclosure does not appear to be working properly?

Recently my laptop has been acting strangely. I have an HP Pavillion laptop and when I power it on it boots into windows and restarts immediately. Also, when the laptop powers on, I try to enter into the bios to change the boot order to USB drive in priority, it shuts down immediately. Please help?

I am a novice gamer and I just got the latest far cry game for my pc. My system is four years all, when I load the game it seems to lag. Also I heard that FPS determines how smoothly your game runs on a pc. What is meant by FPS? How can I crank up the FPS?