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Hello guys! Do you know some free Visio telephone jack stencils? I need it for my scheme plan in networking. If anyone knows, please provide me some information on using it. Thank you very much!

Hi Experts,

I have just bought a new system with small sized CPU and LCD screen monitor. It's working awesome on starting, as the CPU temperature is minimum even while playing high graphics game. I wanted some software or any hardware so that the CPU does not produce much heat or sound.


I have been contemplating for some time about upgrading my computer system (PC)hard disc drives.

I recently heard about Vertex plus.

I would like to know more about Vertex plus, its pros and cons, system specifications, compatibility with windows XP, anything I need to know, before I do the upgrade without having any regrets later.


From last year I started to research over Audio System & trying to make my Own Mini Van Audio System. At last I successfully made it three month ago. Recently It is not working properly. I checked all connections carefully but didn't found any error. I can not understand anymore, Can anyone experienced with "Mini Van Audio System" suggest me to solve the problem?


I am working on a project what include a µc Pic 16F877, a Temperature sensor LM335 and an 2x16 LCD displays, I have used some suggested code from internet but the values are not stable some time is displayed right and other no hi show a sequences with {27,81,65,26,81,66,27,....} and is still unstable, can anyone give me some example for a previous projects?

Here is my code is with pictures compiler.

#include "E:\Foire\Test Divers\LM335\lm335.h" #include <LCD.C> void main() { int16 TempVal; //set_tris_a(0xFF); // inputs // ADC SETUP setup_adc_ports(All_ANALOG); // A0 A1 A2 A3 A5 Ref=Vdd setup_adc(ADC_CLOCK_INTERNAL); // Internal 2-6us set_adc_channel(6); // use AN6 lcd_init(); while(1) { delay_ms(1000); TempVal = (read_adc() - 559L) / 2; //TempVal=(read_adc()*2.982)/25; delay_ms(1000); printf(lcd_putc, "\fTemp is %2lu DegC.\r\n", TempVal); delay_ms(1000); } }

Hi Experts,

I am having a hdd disk on my motherboard on my pc.Now my bios dos screen gives a message mentioning that hardware intrusion error.I seek expert advice on how to solve hardware intrusion hdd on my pc.Thanks.



Hi Experts,

I am having a Lenovo desktop.

I want to adjust settings on Lenovo s100 bios reset.

Actually I need to reset bios of Lenovo pc.

I will be able to reset bios if anyone tell me to access bios.

Which key should be pressed when pc is booting.



Nekoda Monty

I am having trouble configuring my PS3 controller to my PC, i have the Joystick to mouse program and everything is installed and every time i try to test it on the joystick to mouse program! it says Your Gameport or gameport drivers are not properly configured.

Please consult the device manager.

AND i go to the device manger and do everything i know how to possibly do! im really depressed because of this, i need help ASAP :( 

I need some help connecting my ps3 controller to my IBM PC ! I have the Joystick to mouse program installed already and my ps3 controller is connect with a USB cable to my pc and I have the program open and now I'm stuck and don't know how to make the ps3 controller work.

What is this FitEar toGo ear phones, I heard that this is the new head phones that recently launched? How is this different from other head phones in quality and sound producing?