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Hi Experts,

I have just bought a new system with small sized CPU and LCD screen monitor. It's working awesome on starting, as the CPU temperature is minimum even while playing high graphics game. I wanted some software or any hardware so that the CPU does not produce much heat or sound.


I have been contemplating for some time about upgrading my computer system (PC)hard disc drives.

I recently heard about Vertex plus.

I would like to know more about Vertex plus, its pros and cons, system specifications, compatibility with windows XP, anything I need to know, before I do the upgrade without having any regrets later.


From last year I started to research over Audio System & trying to make my Own Mini Van Audio System. At last I successfully made it three month ago. Recently It is not working properly. I checked all connections carefully but didn't found any error. I can not understand anymore, Can anyone experienced with "Mini Van Audio System" suggest me to solve the problem?


I am working on a project what include a µc Pic 16F877, a Temperature sensor LM335 and an 2x16 LCD displays, I have used some suggested code from internet but the values are not stable some time is displayed right and other no hi show a sequences with {27,81,65,26,81,66,27,....} and is still unstable, can anyone give me some example for a previous projects?

Here is my code is with pictures compiler.

#include "E:\Foire\Test Divers\LM335\lm335.h" #include <LCD.C> void main() { int16 TempVal; //set_tris_a(0xFF); // inputs // ADC SETUP setup_adc_ports(All_ANALOG); // A0 A1 A2 A3 A5 Ref=Vdd setup_adc(ADC_CLOCK_INTERNAL); // Internal 2-6us set_adc_channel(6); // use AN6 lcd_init(); while(1) { delay_ms(1000); TempVal = (read_adc() - 559L) / 2; //TempVal=(read_adc()*2.982)/25; delay_ms(1000); printf(lcd_putc, "\fTemp is %2lu DegC.\r\n", TempVal); delay_ms(1000); } }

Hi Experts,

I am having a hdd disk on my motherboard on my pc.Now my bios dos screen gives a message mentioning that hardware intrusion error.I seek expert advice on how to solve hardware intrusion hdd on my pc.Thanks.



Hi Experts,

I am having a Lenovo desktop.

I want to adjust settings on Lenovo s100 bios reset.

Actually I need to reset bios of Lenovo pc.

I will be able to reset bios if anyone tell me to access bios.

Which key should be pressed when pc is booting.



Nekoda Monty

I am having trouble configuring my PS3 controller to my PC, i have the Joystick to mouse program and everything is installed and every time i try to test it on the joystick to mouse program! it says Your Gameport or gameport drivers are not properly configured.

Please consult the device manager.

AND i go to the device manger and do everything i know how to possibly do! im really depressed because of this, i need help ASAP :( 

I need some help connecting my ps3 controller to my IBM PC ! I have the Joystick to mouse program installed already and my ps3 controller is connect with a USB cable to my pc and I have the program open and now I'm stuck and don't know how to make the ps3 controller work.

What is this FitEar toGo ear phones, I heard that this is the new head phones that recently launched? How is this different from other head phones in quality and sound producing?

Problem is "power surge on hub port, USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port" this is always popping up everytime I start using my PC. Help.