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Hi there,

I have an HP Pavilion desktop computer which I noted some noise coming out of the computer, I opened the casing and noted that the PSU had this "burn't" plastic smell, I have looked for any soot marks but there is none, Today I noted the smell is getting stronger but the computer is working well, what could be making the PSU smell like that, How can I make this smell go away? I just feel uncomfortable with this smell.

Hi there,

I was playing on my HP Omini 220 desktop when I smelled burnt plastic, on investigation, I saw fumes  of smoke coming from my Power Supply Unit, I quickly unplugged my computer from the wall socket without switching it off, I opened the casing and saw a smoked fuse, I replaced the PSU with CORSAIR750 watts, the same model as the previous one, the motherboard LEDS are going on well but the computer won't boot, what could be the problem and how can I fix this?

Is it possible to share one hard disk to multiple users in a Promox VE? I have no idea how to go on about doing this, will an expert please guide me.thanks

Hello experts,

When looking at my camera, the videos and images are still there. But I cannot get it anymore when I connect it on my computer. The images and video files are stored on my SanDisk 4GB SDHC. I'm not sure what happened but I was able to get my files before this on my Mac PC. I tried other cables and a memory card reader. But it won't recognize the card. What should I do? Can I recover my files?

Hello experts,

I used to have a heavy mobile phones. So this time, I am looking for a mobile phone that do not weigh much. It should be thin and the camera should be more that 2MP, with better streaming messaging. It don't need to be very latest. I am planning to search on eBay but if you have other specific suggestions, please tell me. Thanks.

Hello experts,I am

I've been using Lenovo IdeaPad K1 for quite some time and it was working perfectly. I am not sure why suddenly something went wrong with its headphone jack. It is not working at all. I have tried it when playing games, videos , music and more to no avail. If I attached my headphone to my computer, I can't hear any sounds from it. The IdeaPad is still playing audio from my speakers. So I am sure that there is an issue with my headphone jack. I tried to restart the IdeaPad with the headphone connected, but it still didn't work. Can someone help or do I need to go to its service center to fix this?

Hello experts,

I want to know which mobile phone has a real NEM lighting feature?  I have a Nokia N82 leather case and I think this feature is really cool if I have this lighting effect. I also searched on Nokia N8 which is also okay with this effect but I'm not sure which manufacturer provides this kind of service.

Hello experts,

I need to find a Universal Remote Control for iPad. It should work on my AV device. I once tried to use an iPhone apps that will work for this but it is not helping me at all. I found an app that can convert my device into a universal remote control which is the iRule. I watched some videos on YouTube with regards to this iRule and they said this is a great app since it can help you customize everything. I want to know if someone here already tried using iRule and how does it really works? Does it need an Internet connection? All my devices can work with Internet connections except for my Panasonic TV. So I want to know if iRule will only work if there is a connection before I decide to purchase one. Thanks.

Hello everyone,

I've got some network issues on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. The Network Adapter does not appear on the Device Manager. This is just the first time that I am going to use my Ethernet port, yet it doesn't work. I can use the wireless connection with no issues but the not the Ethernet. The network adapter I am using is WAN Miniport L2TP. I tried searching on the Internet for some help but there is no such issues that matches my query. If there is someone here who encountered the same issue and managed to resolve it, kindly please help me. Thanks.


I have a Maxtor One Touch 4 external hard drive. Model No. 9NT2A4-500. My problem arises when I try to update the current software of Maxtor Manager. First I get the following message: Available version: 4.01.0303 Installed version: 4.01.0227 Do you want to install? -> 'Yes' Shown images error:

Suggestion would be helpful. Thanks.

Error: Error while connecting support site: http://www.seagate.com/support/software/setupOT4_GM7.exe(Example)