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I am a novice gamer and I just got the latest far cry game for my pc. My system is four years all, when I load the game it seems to lag. Also I heard that FPS determines how smoothly your game runs on a pc. What is meant by FPS? How can I crank up the FPS?

I am currently looking into swapping my internal hard-drive. I am hearing about solid states for a while now but when I checked it is really limited in terms of size. The maximum size I can get for 256mb for my budget. That is really small. Is it really worth the money? I want to know the durability as well ?

I just made recent changes to my pc by adding a new sound card. Now when I restarted my pc, it failed to load windows, suggesting that recent hardware changes have been made to the PC and a repair is required. I have tried this option to no avail. What are my options? Should I format the PC?

Since I like to keep my pc clean. I regularly uninstall idle apps. At the same time, I try to keep my hard disk as healthy as possible. I heard that defragmenting from time to time is highly recommend for every PC. Can anyone tell me how to defragment? Also I heard that defragmenting can be done by third party apps as well. How can I fix bad sectors if detected on my hard drive?

Dear All, 

I recently updated my sony Vaio laptop to the latest Windows 8 Pro and i am very satisfied with it. I just noticed that when i tried to burn a dvd, the burner is no longer working properly. When i checked windows device manager, i was told that the driver in place was the latest available. I also tried to use third party softwares such as imgburn but the result seems to be the same. Can i please can a hint ?

I am currently assembling my own pc. I heard of a way to combine the writing speed of two hard disks. Can you please walk me through the process of establishing a raid between two hard disks of the same make. Is it true that such a procedure doubles the writing speed?

Hi, being a hardcore game, i have recently started hearing about the use of SSD hard drives to speed of the processing speed in laptops and desktops. What is the meaning of SSD hard drives. Can anyone explain to me the mechanics behind this drive as compared to a conventional hard disk. Also i would like to know how is the significant increase in processing speed attained. I have been keen to buy an Alienware laptop and most of them are equipped with hybrids of both normal and SSDs. Can i know why is the SSD components so expensive? Is it significantly better than normal hard drives?

I have a Toshiba X875-Q7190 laptop. It has a GPU built into the CPU and a discreet GPU. With some fies, particularly PDFs, it takes a tremendous amount of time to render successive pages. My thought is that it’s utilizing the CPU-based GPU. How can I get the laptop to always use the discreet video card?

Nowadays, we are seeing the advent of new chips which claim to have additional hardware to help in cryptography to prevent the loss of data and other things at the hands of hackers. I recently read about Intel's Ivy Bridge which has added a few instructions like RDRAND to generate pseudorandom numbers, and a lot of microprocessors have been adding security features like this, but my question is what kind of "additional" hardware are they adding to aid in cryptography and such?