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Can you help me fix this problem? I been having hard times using the keypad for my Android phone.I would like to ask if you can give me how to resolve this issue? Can you give me also information what are the components of this phone that affects on its performance and current problem? Can you give me unique resolution where in this phone will have no more issues and will have no more problems in the future. Can you give me the instructions one by one and explain to me each steps why I need to go through that.


I am just new here and would like to give a good introduction. Can you help me fix my problem with my Android Phone? I am using Lollipop and this is the platform installed since I bought this phone. It keeps on loosing memory and lag issues keeps on bothering me. One time my boss called me, and I tried to answer the call but it is only showing the button that I already answered it but I cannot hear anything from the other line. Can you help me resolve this problem? What could be the possible cause for this?


I am using Galaxy S5 Android Lollipop. I been having troubles with it since I updated it from its old version. I tried to put it back on old settings but I cannot do that anymore. I have to restart my Android every time it disconnects with WiFi connection. I checked also my router and made sure that this is the only device connected and there’s no interference. Still the same. Can you help me eradicate this problem? Can you provide me also alternative ways to prevent this from happening again?

Hello, I want to set up 6TB hard drive and I am getting confused between Western Digital and Seagate, So I need to very useful information about those. Can I run both any operating system? Where is difference between WD red and WD green? What are use of energy and loading speed available in both? How is difference cache between Western Digital and Seagate? Where is the common difference between Western Digital and Seagate? Thank You

What is Ferroelectric RAM and how it differs from RAM? Who is developing current FeRAM technology? Let me know FeRAM cell and its working mechanism. What is the main scope of its work? Is FeRAM similar to DRAM? What are advantages to use Ferroelectric RAM? Is FeRAM faster than DRAM? Is FeRAM required less charge than DRAM? In which sector has FeRAM product used? What is CMOS? How does it work? Has FeRAM any limitation? Thank You

Which programming language is used to program? Can there use any other programming language? What is DSP and how does it work? Where are DSP and Microchip Technology similar? What are DSC devices available; describe its clock speed, PWM channels, resolution, duty cycle. How DSC is important in Diagnostics and Therapy area? What is a 16 bit digital signal controller? What type is available in 16 bit Microcontrollers? Can 16 bit digital signal controller be used in sensor processing applications? Thank you

I want to ask few questions about this new car. I want to enlighten myself with Mercedes Benz S- Class and its features. What is Active Lane-Keeping Assist? What is the helpful usage of Attention Assist? What is new to Active Parking Assist of this car? How does Brake Assist Plus works with this car? What is Pre-Safe Impulse? What is Pre-Safe Plus and does it contributes to safe-driving? How Night View Assist Plus works? How does it look like? Is like the spectrums in night-vision goggles of military personnel? Please help me and provide answers. Thank you!

I want to know more about Toyota Prius 2015. What are the specifications and new features offered by this car? What is the Plug in hybrid program for? What is the purpose and benefits of Automatic climate control? How does its advanced voice recognition works? What is Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)? With all this combined, how beneficial it is for any driver looking into maneuverability and safety? With terms of security, is there any added feature for this car? Can use my smartphone with this car?

I am wondering the specifications and usability of new embedded technologies with Honda CRV 2015. What do you mean by CVT? What is the purpose of this system? What is the functions of its radio data system? What is the value of Real Time AWD system? What is the new functionality of its 7-inch touch screen? What is multi-information display? How useful is it for any driver of this car? What do you mean by ECON? Please provide me detailed answer. Thank you!

Hello, I want to know about Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666 32GB
Where is the main area to develop of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2666 32GB? Can this be suitable for Windows 7 operating system? What are processor and mother board required for this? How much voltage is required? Is there any dispute on performance level? Thank you