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The only thing that I know about RAM and ROM are their differences. RAM stands for Random Access Memory and ROM stands for Read Only Memory. I would like to know about their functions separately on the computer system. Whose size affects the speed of computer? Which is more expensive? Similarly, does the damage of RAM causes the computer to start not or frequently makes the computer to restart.

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Which type of graphic card is supported in VMware vSphere 5.1? Is there any improvement on 3D graphic? What is that?

How will be performed improved virtualization of the CPU? Is there Reclaim Storage Space from deleted files? Can you show what the new VMware vSphere 5.1 features are?

I am using Western Digital external hard drive size is 1TB. The light shows on, but when I connect to laptop, the drive is not recognized. Device manager is not showing any drive. I am using Xp with sp3. I tried downloading a driver from WD, but it will not be installed. I tried that several more times but get the same result. I changed the USB cable also. Please help.

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Hi! Please let me know that What is the cable available in X-keys Kx-3? What kinds of systems are required for this? Is it copied to multiple computers? Can I get Video capture facility, microphone activation facility in X-keys Kx-3? What is the Actuation Force in X-keys Kx-3? Can X-keys Kx-3  be used on Macintosh computers?

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Which connectivity is used for My Passport Portable Hard Drive?

What are the width, height and capacity of My Passport Portable Hard Drive?

How it’s transfer rate?

Is there any password protection for privacy?

How many usb  power ports are available?

I would like to know what damage overheating of the CPU of my tablet causes. I am currently using Samsung tablet with an Android version of 4.1 with a dual core processor speed of 2.5GHZ and I would also want to know as well if overheating can affect my tab performance. Thank you.

I just installed a new version of windows on my laptop. Given that my laptop is quite dated, I have experienced a few issues with inboard hardware. I am trying to connect my laptop to the internet but so far I have been unsuccessful. The problem is quite simple, how I can gain access to the internet to download the driver as I have no any other way.