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Which is the best processor, AMD FX4100, AMD Phenom ll X4 955 or AMD Phenom ll X4 965?

Category: CPU Processors

What is the difference between intel core i3 and core i5 and which one is better? Take a case of  i5-661 which is a dual core processor with a clock speed of 3.33 Ghz and a  i3-560 which is also a dual core of 3.33Ghz yet a lot cheaper?

Category: CPU Processors

My PC is running too slow. I have installed an old 320  IDE hard disk along with a new SATA 500 GB Hardisk. My PC  RAM is 4 GB and the processer is  1.2 GHZ( Dual Core). Will the speed increase if I use only one type of Hard Disk?

Category: CPU Processors

My laptop is very slow. I have re-installed, changed different OS, but it's still very slow.

Last time I checked CPU Usage and it reached 100%. I have scanned it with anti-malware, but nothing changed.

Is there any solution?

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i have problem in my CPU .. its always 100% .. and "taskhost.exe" take  100% of my CPU..  and "chrome.exe" is open many time even i open just 1 page of CHROME...

any one can help me to reduce my CPU


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Hi guys ,

Please someone explain me what is the meaning of word length of a CPU

Wikipedia says :" The size of a word is reflected in many aspects of a computer's structure and operation; the majority of the registers in a processor are usually word sized and the largest piece of data that can be transferred to and from the working memory in a single operation is a word in many (not all) architectures."

But I have no any clear idea about it

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Benefits of an APU over the traditional CPU? Is it applicable for laptops? What about desktops? Or high-end laptops and desktops?

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Hi community,

A few days ago I bought Dell Inspiron n5110, Intel Core i5-2410M processor (2.3GHz, 3MB cache, 2.9GHz Turbo Boost), basically for gaming but I’m stumped before start to run.
The environment flashes that my system may work at 2.9GHz. If there is a need of Turbo Boosting because its i5 stuff, well.
This Error Message emerged while trying to install this Dell Application Software

"Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor Software Application 2.0"
Driver ID  R292474.EXE... for windows 7, 64 bit
The Error Message is displayed below:

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Recently, I bought a new CPU and it is "Intel Xeon Nehalem-EX". In the specification paper, it has been written that, The CPU has 8 cores and 16 CPU threads. What is this CPU thread and how it is related with the normal programming thread that is in Java or C# ?

Category: CPU Processors

I would like to identify if my processors are compatible and if my CPU is compatible with my motherboard. The specification of my motherboard is PT800CE-A. When I boot my computer, it is displaying Pentium 4 and I think that would be related to the single core hyper threading at 3.0 GHz.