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We are in a situation where we are sorting out emails belonging to all our stuff. On our server, we have set up different email accounts for the users. Every user is fine sending and receiving emails from within the office server.

The problem is, when there is an email sent from an external address.

These messages don’t go t the specific user account but end up on the office’s central mailbox. We want them to receive their emails without us constantly having to organize and keep on forwarding them from the central mailbox.

This is because we do not want the users accessing the office’s central mail box due to security and confidential issues.

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I get the error message “Extending Active Directory schema Progress ......................... FAILED Active Directory operation failed on mail.mydomain.com.jo” When I try to install exchange 2007 into windows 2008 Service pack 2 environments, where exchange 2003 Service pack 2 is installed is on the only DC.

The error mentioned above is not retainable, and the parameter is not correct.

The response from the active directory is: LdapErr: DSID-0C090A85, comment: Error in attribute conversion operation, data 0, vece.

Any form of help with this error will be appreciated.

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Our SBS (2008) Box operating on exchange 2007 to be specific 8.3Build83.6 is experiencing some problems.
This problem is that its property windows happen to be very tiny with midget like objects.
We have tried to solve this by removing the Admins account and logging in but the problem is still prevailing.
Any ideas on what the problem is? How we can fix this?
Any help is appreciated.
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Keeping in mind that export mailbox command may be utilized to copy messages over to administrator inbox if based on search criteria accomplished by use of message discovery for the messages that exist in user mailbox.

So how can I do this for deleted messages being stored because of the deleted message retain policy?

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Hello everyone?

I have been thinking, given a 40MB limit to attachments (globally set), what happens when a 4 MB attachment is sent by a user to slightly more than ten other users? How is it related?
I am asking this because external users are complaining claiming they receive such kind of emails with a delay of two weeks and I have also been informed that attachments larger than the limit should not be sent to large groups.

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The exchange server is having problems and I can’t seem to find what the cause of the problem is.

At the moment internal mail can be received on the domain between users on the exchange server but anything from an external address isn’t able to be received.

Does anyone know what could be wrong? SBS (2003) Service Pack 2

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I made a Google search and clicked on a photograph that was one of the results.

A notice notifying me that I had a potential virus popped up. I thought the notification resulted emerged from my Verizon security suite so I decided to quarantine the file.

Later on it occurred to me that this warning came from something else because now my computer is running some other processes i.e. named avgidsmonitor.exe and avgidsagent.exe.

To my best knowledge, I think they are Trojans .on scanning my computer with Verizon internet Security Suite; I didn’t get the attach.txt notification after executing DDS. This hung my computer twice.

Can someone please tell me what to do?

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I am having trouble and found Error ActiveX 429 when trying to integrate BillQuick and QuickBooks. Any suggestion would be really helpful for me. I would be really grateful to you.

ActiveX component can’t create object has occurred in the following Procedure


Error #: 429 (1AD) –

ActiveX component can’t create object has occurred in the following

Procedure. StartQBsession. Please contact Technical Support for



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This message occurs when I open the Convert EDI POs to Sales Orders screen. Can you provide me the solution? Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

System Message 15823 Error reading Transaction Log Directory. Process aborting.

System Message 15823

Error reading Transaction Log Directory. Process aborting.