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Hi guys I need your help,

I am managing one of the websites which is related to my business.For that I am using Adobe Photoshop to create graphics and for managing new letters. I think it is not the perfect program, but I am very happy to use and I can afford it easily. But I am not a programmer or graphic designer. I look after all the required content and I would like to show up more graphics on my website.

Can somebody advice on which software is best either Adobe Photoshop or illustrator? My opinion is Photoshop is good because I know that and used it. But I heard that only experts use Illustrator. Can somebody choose one of the best program and version for me? Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody I need help,

I have my own business which is related to printing some Graphics images on T-Shirts. I recently started this business. I would like to start a website for this. So that I can advertise my business online and get more orders. Some of my friends suggested that start new Blogger/ free website builders. But I don't Know which one is better either Blogger or free website?

Anybody is having own website which is washable. But I thought bloggers are being for only their personal purpose not for business. Can somebody please give me good suggestion regarding this. Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody,

I am running a small bookstore and having website for that. I used to upload latest images and new books into that. On my computer it shows the latest images, whatever I have uploaded.

But in one of my friend's computers this website is showing the old photos only. I am updating those photos and all by using Earth Link center. I could not understand that this problem is related to HTML or some cache issue? On my website, I don't like to keep the Refresh button to update the page with the latest items. It has to update website automatically whenever we make changes.

Can somebody please give me the best solution that the views has to see the latest webpage of my bookstore. Thanks a lot in advance and regards.

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody,

I am very interested in recording videos of events and programs. I have bought Sony Handycam HDR-PJ810 and recorded few videos. But I am having a hard time transferring these from my camcorder to the computer. Each file is more than 5 GB.

Do I need to convert these into different format? How can we upload to websites? We don't want to publish in you tube, but instead our personal / other websites. How can I find out the ways to do this? Any help / suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody,

I have bought new Virgin Mobile Awe with Android Jelly beans. I am not having much idea about the smart phones.

I wanted to download an application which can show me the routes. The application should be able to search for locations and show the maps. Also, it should be able to show the directions from one place to another place. It should also be able to identify where I am and show on the map. It would be great if there is one for Free, otherwise I can spend up to $10.00.

Please suggest something. Thank you so much in advance guys!

Category: Suggestions

Hello guys,

I am planning to buy a new TV, but instead of buying normal TV I would like to buy a new smart TV. If I buy smart TV it gives more amusement, fun and also I can experience latest technologies. So I searched in blogs and everywhere, most of the posts are saying that the latest model is Google TV. So I am very much determined to buy Google TV. But in those posts, so many are telling about the Google Android TV.

Is there Google android TV is coming up and what are the extra features On that? Can somebody please suggest me which smart TV is best? Thanks a lot in advance!

Category: Suggestions

Hi friends,

I need your kind help, I am planning to buy good quality and latest technology printer. I saw so many new models that come along with scanner, fax etc.. But I need only printer which is mainly for printing and that cost should be average. And also that should be a good cartridge means that it has to give good quality output.

Can somebody please give me good brand, quality and affordable printer? Your comments and suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks for your kind assistance in advance!

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody,

I am very much passionate to play games. For playing games, I was using a Logitech keyboard before. But it stopped working. All of my friends suggested that buy Corsair keyboard which contains different types of models. But I am not aware of any of those models. I used to play more and different types of racing games. I would like to buy best keyboard which is mainly suitable to play racing games.

Can somebody suggest me more worth and efficient keyboard for games With good key features? Thanks a lot to everyone in advance!

Category: Suggestions

Hello friends,

I am having my own local business in my city. And also I am having website for this business. I want to promote my business in other cities. Before going to proceed further I want to ensure all the information about the competitors in those cities.

Is there any new technology or analysis tool for analyzing Competitors, So that I can promote my business easily in those cities. From that tool we can know about all our competitors regarding our Business in the market. Can somebody give me suggestions regarding this.

Your comments or suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

Category: Suggestions

Hi ,

I am planning to buy an iPad but after seeing the different versions I got confused and couldn't decide anything.

Which one is better, whether iPad WI-Fi or Cellular? And at the same time, which model among iPad 4 or iPad Air is worth? . Also, what is the ideal storage size (16GB, 32 GB...) for my needs? I would like to use this for music, mail checking, and other apps. What is the difference it makes from other tablets? Is it really worth spending so much? Can somebody please give me good suggestions regarding this?

Thanks in advance guys!