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Hi ,

I am planning to buy an iPad but after seeing the different versions I got confused and couldn't decide anything.

Which one is better, whether iPad WI-Fi or Cellular? And at the same time, which model among iPad 4 or iPad Air is worth? . Also, what is the ideal storage size (16GB, 32 GB...) for my needs? I would like to use this for music, mail checking, and other apps. What is the difference it makes from other tablets? Is it really worth spending so much? Can somebody please give me good suggestions regarding this?

Thanks in advance guys!

Category: Suggestions

Hi there everyone,

I have my company business website. When somebody clicks some keywords related to my business my website is on the top list. But I don't understand my page rank is still "0". But sites below my website is showing rank as 1 ,2.. Etc.

My doubt is that how Google is giving ranks on a Google search? What are key Factors they are considering? Can somebody please clarify my doubt regarding this. Some of the comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Again thank you so much in advance.

Category: Suggestions

Hi guys I need help,

As a technical recruiter I need to conduct telephonic interviews. For that I need to record whole conversation further purpose. I need that recording should be very clear, without any noise. After recording I should be able to download and also edit as needed. I don't want to use Skype due to some issues on that.

Can somebody give me some ideas to buy this? Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance, guys!

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody,

I have 133" Dalite HP 2.4 projector. I thought it was looking somewhat dusty and unclear. So I tried to clean up the projector screen with a cotton cloth and water. I applied very delicately but I found some black spots in that area. After that I scared to clean that. I left it like that.
Could I did anything wrong here? Can somebody suggest me how to remove those black stains and tell me how to clean the projector screen without spoil the screen?

Your suggestions and comments will be highly appreciated. Thank you all guys!

Category: Suggestions

Hi Experts,

I am looking for buying a Bluetooth headset for the following purposes:

  • Phone interviews
  • Meetings
  • Frequent Skype calls

I am also looking for the following:

  • This can be paired via Bluetooth better if there is NFC option
  • Just 1 ear is fine
  • Best battery life
  • Any other feature that is newly came into the market

Please share any links or suggestions related to this. Thanks in advance!

Category: Suggestions

Hi there everyone,

I have Samsung HDTV. I would like to replace this one with LED or Plasma TV (size around 50-60inch). I would like to know which is better suited for gaming based on response time and picture quality, sharpness, clarity, rich colors. I am looking for Samsung brand only.

Can somebody suggest me which one will be better suited for my needs? Any links or suggestions very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!

Category: Suggestions

Hi to everybody,

I am looking for best headphones, but as there are lots of brands and models I am getting confused. I would like to take help from all of you to find the best one matching my needs:

  1. over-ear headphones
  2.  Headset (phones + mice)
  3.  They should be light
  4. They should be comfortable
  5. They should have good sound quality

Any suggestions or links that help me with this are welcome. Someone please help me. Thanks for your help in advance!

Category: Suggestions

Hi guys I need your help,

I am looking for a new digital camera with the following features:

  • Smaller in size to to keep in my pocket
  •  Better resolution, Panorama mode, Night mode, Image Stabilization and Best image quality
  • Having good battery life performance
  • Point and shoot digital camera
  • I am looking one within budget $200-$300
  • I am fine with brands Nikon, Canon, SONY

Anybody please suggest which is better one for my expectation?

Many Thanks for your help in advance!

Category: Suggestions

I am having SONY VAIO C series with Windows 7 Ultimate OS.

I am trying to play games on my laptop, but the clarity and the resolution is not very good. I am using AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series, 1024 MB graphics card with 8 GB RAM. Hard disk having more than 300GB free. For a better gaming experience do I need to change the graphics card? First, I thought PCI Express card helps, but when I connected it using USB port and rebooted the system, Windows didn't recognize it.

So, I would like to take suggestions before proceeding further. Thanks!

Category: Suggestions

Hi everybody,

I am very much interested in gaming and would like to buy a new gaming laptop. Also, I would like to use Windows 8 and more than 15 inch screen. My budget is around $700.

Can somebody advise which one will be worth and best suitable for gaming? Thanks in advance for your help.