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Processor comparison in iPHONE all models

I have been using iPHONE from the early days

I want help with listing all Apple products with the processors each model has

Please include iPODS's and iPAD's till the latest iPHONE5 C & S and also iPAD retina Mini

Category: Apple

What is Fusion Apple drive?

How does Apple’s Fusion Drive work?

Cost and benefits

Category: Apple

Apple AirDock features and reviews

What is a Apple AirDock. What are the phones we can use with it

Colors of Apple AirDock

Cost of a Airdock

Category: Apple

Camera+ App vs the iPHONE camera

Which of the APP's are better and why?

What are the features in each

Smugmug has this new Camera+ App and would like a review on it

Category: Apple

Is apple making televisions?

Is the new Apple TV curved?

What are the features of this new device?

Will it work with all cable operators?

Category: Apple

Can we use a Apple keyboard for my Windows System?

If yes how can i sync them?

Steps to connect them

What could be missing in the keyword thats needed for a windows system?

Category: Apple

When is the next version of iOS coming out

Now we have iOS7 when do we have iOS8 and what are the expected features?

Category: Apple

Does any iPHONE have a wireless changer?

I heard there are Phones that can changed without a wire?

Can we charge any model of iPHONE without wires?

If yes then whats the hardwares needed?

Also what are the other mobiles that can be charges without a charger

Category: Apple

I wanted to know the list of all countries with rates for the iPAD Mini

Top 10 countries with rates for the iPAD Mini

Please give me the details improvements in the iPAD Mini compared to iPAD Air whats added in this mini device

Category: Apple

Apple’s new iPad Mini released this week?

I heard it has already released but no big words going on around

Can i know all possible info on features

Cost/Improvements/Design/Change from the other older models