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I am trying to render FCPX but it became useless as I cannot export the Master files. I just upgraded to OS X Mavericks and I am getting the error below when trying to export:

The share operation Master File has failed

The operation could not be completed because an error occurred when creating frame 19186 (error -1).

I already tried to clear the render files but it only works in one project. Can someone please help me fix this? Thanks.

Category: Apple

I am planning to buy a iMAC and is delivery an option to India?

Apple products delivered to India?

Apple has no support no or chat for India and its way too bad

Category: Apple

Processor comparison in iPHONE all models

I have been using iPHONE from the early days

I want help with listing all Apple products with the processors each model has

Please include iPODS's and iPAD's till the latest iPHONE5 C & S and also iPAD retina Mini

Category: Apple

What is Fusion Apple drive?

How does Apple’s Fusion Drive work?

Cost and benefits

Category: Apple

Apple AirDock features and reviews

What is a Apple AirDock. What are the phones we can use with it

Colors of Apple AirDock

Cost of a Airdock

Category: Apple

Camera+ App vs the iPHONE camera

Which of the APP's are better and why?

What are the features in each

Smugmug has this new Camera+ App and would like a review on it

Category: Apple

Is apple making televisions?

Is the new Apple TV curved?

What are the features of this new device?

Will it work with all cable operators?

Category: Apple

Can we use a Apple keyboard for my Windows System?

If yes how can i sync them?

Steps to connect them

What could be missing in the keyword thats needed for a windows system?

Category: Apple

When is the next version of iOS coming out

Now we have iOS7 when do we have iOS8 and what are the expected features?

Category: Apple

Does any iPHONE have a wireless changer?

I heard there are Phones that can changed without a wire?

Can we charge any model of iPHONE without wires?

If yes then whats the hardwares needed?

Also what are the other mobiles that can be charges without a charger