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I'm trying to download iTunes update but this error keeps re-appearing. The problem is, I am always prompted to run the update when opening iTunes and when I tried to download it, I encountered an issue. Can someone please tell me what to do with it and its workarounds? I will appreciate any help.

An error has occurred

An error occurred while installing the updates. (103)


Category: Apple

I'm using Digital Performer 7 and I can't make the Play Gold Symphonic Orchestra to work on it. I recently update the latest version and run Play without issues yesterday. But today, an error is appearing. The first error stated, "An unknown executable could not be loaded. Please contact the software publisher for support using this software." Following with the error message below. I can't seem to find the workarounds for this. Can someone help?

Digital Performer has encountered an error.

Mas,0 error reported by Model121.2.5 (May 2 2013-00:48:30)

??? [-1]


Category: Apple

Does someone here encounters the same error when trying to make the AUHighShelfFilter run on GarageBand in Apple? I am running Mac OS X 10.5.2 and I need help on fixing the error below. How can update the plug-in as stated in the error message? Please send me steps on resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.

An error has occurred with an installed Audio Unit plug-in.

Category: Apple

I've got the error below first on my Home System, and now, I am also encountering this on my MacBook Pro. I'm not sure what the error means and what is causing this to appear but after searching on the Internet, I found out that the issue is about Firewire Drives. But I am still confused on what to do next and how I can fix it. Can someone here help?

I/O error

Result code = -36


Category: Apple

I've got an error on my Mac OS X Mountain Lion. I enclosed the error message below. This constantly happens after upgrading to Logic Pro X. And then it continuously occurred even if I am just playing a back sound from an instrument. I checked on my RAM and it still has enough space. Is there someone here experiencing the same problem? How did you manage to fix it?

Logic Pro:

System Overload.

The audio engine was not able to process all required data in time.



Category: Apple

I purchased Logic Studio recently. It was working fine at first but today, an error came up on my Mac OS X 10.6.4.

Logic Pro

Selected Driver not found.



Aside from the error above, I can't hear any sound when playing a project. The effects and I/Os has some vertical lines which means it was crossed out. And when trying to create a new track, there is no other option except for the "External MIDI". Aside from that, I can't choose anything. I tried to uninstall and re-install the program but it has no effect. How can I fix this?

Category: Apple

IBank synchronization failed with an error:

Sync Error

There wan error during sync. Error is not found.

The error message seems to be confusing as stated, there is an error message while syncing but it could not be found. Is there any way that I can resolve this issue?

Category: Apple

I am running iBank 3 on my Mac and I am upgrading it to iBank 4 when an error pops up. It is saying something about NSXMLDocument. I'm not sure what it means and how to fix this. Can someone please send me step-by-step method on how to fix it? Thanks.

The operation couldn't be completed. *** _ [NSXMLDocument

initWithData:options:error:]: nil argument


Category: Apple

I've got some issues with Magic Bullet app when trying to apply an effect. The error below occur on Look suite favorites. I can load the plugin by selecting the file but I could not apply the effect. How can I fix this?

AE Effects Error:

Unable to find plugin "MB Look Suite FCP".

Do you wish to load plugin from another directory?

No     Yes

Category: Apple

I am trying to launch Final Cut Express on my Mac OS X. But the error below is showing. It just keeps on quitting when opening. I tried to uninstall the program and then re-install it back only to get the same error message. How can I resolve this issue?

The application Final Cut Express quit unexpectedly.

Mac OS X and other applications are not affected.

Click Relaunch to launch the application again. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple.

Ignore     Report...     Relaunch