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Hi Pro,

I have been a regular user for iTunes for quiet long time. However, when I try to open it after a long vacation for about 6 months; I am not able to open it. When I try to open iTunes, it throws me an error message. The error 1905 says some dll failed to unregister. How do I fix this error? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall it again? Please help. Thanks.

Error 1905. Module C:/Program

Files/iTunesMinPlayer.dll failed to unregister.

HRESULT-2147220472. Contact your support persona..

Category: iTunes


When I try to install iTunes in the computer, I ended up with an error message. I got this error message in the middle of installation process. I have recently upgraded my system to latest version. For your information, I have Windows Vista operating system 64-bit. How do I install iTunes without any problem? Please guide me. Thanks.

iTunes + QuickTime

This iTunes installer requires that your computer is running Windows Vista 64-bit

Category: iTunes

I am getting a weird error message whenever I try to play iTunes. I am not a technical person and I never used this iTunes before. Therefore, I tried to reinstall the stuff again in the iPad. However, nothing works for me still I get the same error message. Please suggest me some solution to fix this error message. Thanks a lot.

There are purchased items on the iPad “Lipis’ iPad” that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPad. Are you sure you want to continue?

Category: iTunes

Hi experts,

I have this error when I try to burn an audio CD. This is not the first time when I burn an audio CD and I never had any error. This is first error of this kind and I don’t know how I can handle it. The CD is new, the playlist is made for one CD and still. Please is there an expert online which might help me? What could be the problem?

Some of the file cannot be burned to an audio CD. Do you still want to burn the remainder of this playlist? 

Category: iTunes

Hello there,

I try to burn an audio CD but always I have the same error, this one. I am tired of this error and please can someone help me to burn an audio CD and help me to solve this ? I did some researches in the Internet and nothing help to solve this ? Why I have this error ?

Thank you !

The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4450). 

Category: iTunes

Hello experts,

I have this error on Windows Vista every time I want to restore my iPad. I want to restore my iPad because is not working properly and I have a lot of lag and this error 17 makes my work harder. Please can anyone help me to fix this error 17? What it means?

Thank you!

Fixing iTunes Error 17. 

Category: iTunes

Hi there,

I have checked my Internet connections and everything is working just fine. The problem is iTunes because is not working due to network connection. This is my first version of iTunes and also the first time when I want to use to connect with my iPad Mini. Why the iTunes cannot connect to the Internet ?

My Internet connection is working just fine.

Thank you !

We could not complete your iTunes Store request.

The iTunes Store is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


Category: iTunes

Hi there,

I have this Error 4014 on my iPhone 4 and after a long researches on the Internet no answer was found. I even spoke with the iTunes Support and they said I will get an answer ASAP. It passed almost two weeks since then and I still have the error. Does anyone know what this error means? Please help me to pass this…

Thank you experts!

Fixing iTunes Error 4014.

Category: iTunes


This message appears every time I try to activate my account in iTunes. I have contacted the customer care and they told me that I should wait for a while. They didn’t say why or how long I have to wait. It passed almost one week and I still have this message. Can any of you experts help me to solve this ? Why I cannot activate my iTunes ?

Thank you !

We’re sorry, we are unable to continue with your activation at this time.

Please try again later, or contact customer care.

Category: iTunes


This evening I saw that my iPhone is rebooting repeatedly by itself and I turned it off and I let it off for almost 15 hours. When I opened it the rebooting started again so I put it on Recovery Mode when this error appeared. The reparation is expensive and I cannot afford it at this moment so please can anyone help me to fix my iPhone? What could happen with my phone? Thank you experts!

iPhone Recovery Mode

iTunes is restoring the software on this iPhone.


The iPhone “Iphone’ could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (2).