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I have heard about this new application solar analyzer iPad, I have installed successfully but it keeps getting an error "Error getting location " after every analysis on my iPad.

I don’t know what's happening, any ideas?

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I have always used Google Sketchup for 3D designing.  I was wondering if there would be a Sketchup app for iPad? It will be very useful especially for presentations.  I have the 1st Generation 64 GB iPad with 1 GHz Apple A4 processor and PowerVR SGX535 GPU.

Category: iPad

Is there any conflict between Sandisk U3 and Stick Drive? I was not able to Launch Sandisk U3

An error has occurred while initializing

U3 Launchpad

An error has occurred while initializing Launchpad: Error code 1001. Launchpad will close now. To access a webpage with troubleshooting tips click Troubleshoot.

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I am getting this error, when I’m trying to restore my iPhone 4. Please give me some assistance.

ipad error


The iPod “iPod” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (-11).

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Good day TechyV!

I ask my friend about Apple gadgets, iPad, iPhone ETC. He told me a free tool that can help me configure my iPad.  It’s called “ Apple Configurator “ . 
According to Apple’s website, the tool lets users configure up to 30 is devices at a time. What a software!. 
So here is my question, is it still available this free iPad Configurator tools called Apple Configurator on Market? 
Any comments would be nice.
Thank you very much.
Parkes Heenry

Category: iPad

I am looking for some cool and fun apps I can add to my iPad.

Can anyone let me know where I can find a free beatbox pad for my iPad?

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Okay, I just recently bought an iPad and I don’t have flash. How do I watch free iPad movies online. Is there a great site I can check out to watch movies without needing flash?

Category: iPad

I have been working with Iphone app now I want to develop a ipad qq game application please tell me or guide me how to develop these and where do I start ?

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Hi guys. I have an Ipad3, i have these post-script files and I am very curious to open them. How do you open up ps files ipad. Thanks guys

Category: iPad

Hi guys, I just wonder. Does astaro remote access SSL run on the new iPad. Do you have any issues with this program. Can you share me a link to iPad 2 astaro remote access SSL app? Thanks