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Category: iPad

AirPlay icon has been missing on my iPad from last 2 days.

Can anyone give me all steps to get the icon back

Category: iPad

How can i make Google as my default browser on iPHONE and iPAD

After upgrading to iOS 7 my Safari does not have a default Search engine and i want to add Google as my default.

How can i do this

Can i have all steps involved to achieve this

Category: iPad

How can i delete photos from my iPAD with iOS 7

I have my Albums synced to my computer so how can i delete the images/Photos/Videos from my iPAD but still have them in my computer intact and again dont have them synced back to my iPAD when deleted

IOS7 is a confusing for me but an awesome upgrade

Category: iPad

Hi everyone,

I am getting a blue screen from my iPad just out of the blue. I just woke up to this problem and I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. The Classic iPad is 6 months old. Someone asked me if drivers were up to date and they are. What other suggestions can you provide?

Category: iPad

Is it a rumor about the iPAD Maxi a new model from Apple. How is if better than the iPAD Air. Features? All rumors that you experts have heard about to just create the heat of waiting more better

Category: iPad

iPAD Mini is small and not much of a cost difference. How do people opt between these?. Why do one want to buy one other then the other? Would be great if the types of people who may want which?

Category: iPad

I have a iPAD and a iPHONE and I want to transfer images between each. I want to connect via Bluetooth and WiFi and achieve transferring data. Can I have the steps for both these ways.

Category: iPad

What is the weight of an iPad Air and what is the size of the screen? How good is it from the iPad 3 device. Do all APP’s have to be different from the other models for iPad Air?

Category: iPad

What are the differences between iPAD Air and iPAD Mini? Can anyone give me a side to side comparison please. With your opinions as a expert on whats the differences?

Category: iPad

Hi all,

Background App refresh to be stopped in iPAD 3

Where is the settings and what are the benefits of doing this.

Can i have the exact steps to achieve this on a iOS 7 iPAD 3

Thank you