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I was using Apple iPad 2 with no problem with its WiFi, but after its recent updation to iOS 8.0, I am having Slow Speed and Slow Data Rate problem with my WiFi, what could I do, to get back the smooth WiFi Internet Access. Is there any option for changing it through its settings?

Category: iPad

As I updated my iPad 2 to iOS 8, I am now unable to delete the downloaded apps. When I long press any app like Subway Surf or TOI(Times of India) or anything else, it doesn't show up the cross(x) mark to remove the app, instead the app icon just shivers at its place just like any factory installed app like Safari, Mail etc with no cross(x) mark on it. Some apps are taking a lot of storage on my iPad and it is running pretty slow. I want to delete them. Please help.

Category: iPad

Hi Everyone,

I want to know that is it possible to install iOS 7 on my IPad which iOS version is iOS 8 now. Please tell me is it possible to do or not and if it is possible to degrade my IPad OS version to iOS 7 then what is its procedure, Please guide me step by step so that I can understand easily. Thanks in advance.

Category: iPad

My iPad Air is only a few months old. However, I cannot really use it on WiFi networks because, when it finds a signal, it will maintain the connection for a couple of minutes at the most. I tried resetting the device, I tried playing with the settings, but the problem remains. Is there a solution?

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I have a very long commute, so entertainment is a must. However, I find that both my iPhone and my iPad often run out of battery very fast.

Is there a way to make the batteries last longer? 

I have seen people use an array of external batteries. Are they worth it? 

Category: iPad

Hi friends,

I'm back with a new problem looking for its answer actually not a problem but I don't know how to download videos and gifs in Ipad so please let me know how to download it in Ipad it has 32 GB memory and also is there any special app that will help me to download videos in it. Please answer me.

Category: iPad

Hi guys, I know apple ipad with retina display announced in 2013 but I found keen interest in this device now thinking to buy it but when checked reviews on the web it is said that it has few or less connectivity options as a drawback.Please tell me what are the connectivity options apple ipad with retina display has?

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Sometimes I have this kind of error when I want to install some games on my iPad. Sometimes it works but sometimes it don’t. This error appears only on games and I don’t have any problem installing apps. Can anyone help me please to fix this one ? Why I have this error only on games ?

Thank you experts !

Parse Error

The remote server sent a unknown response. This could be a result of the forum software plugin being outdated. Tap the “Report” button below to send this report to support for analysis.

Category: iPad

Hello there,

I just installed Instagram on my iPad this is the nightmare that I have. I tried to install at least 15 times Instagram and nothing seems like to work. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? What could be the problem ?

Thank you !

Instagram Error

Cancel Retry

Category: iPad

Hi there,

The problem is that I have bought some files form Store and now it seems like I cannot use them after I pay. Is for the first time when I have this error and hope I waste some good money. Please help me to solve this. What I did wrong and why the triangle below the error is not helping ?

Thank you !

Some of the purchased items on the iPad "sa.sutton@comcast.net",including "Cigar Boss

HD", could not be transferred to your iTunes library because you are not authorized for them on this