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Category: iPad

My iPAD mini camera does not work with IOS 7

I upgraded and now my Video does not work i am on the image screen and have no clue how to change to Video or its not working

Category: iPad

After the upgrade of iOS7 videos record with no sound

I have an iPAD 3 and today upgraded to iOS7 and for a surprise i record a video and no audio is captured. All my videos are blank silent

What can i do to fix this issue?

Category: iPad

Camera roll is empty but the storage in iPAD shows if full

I had 4 Gb of images and videos and now due to space issues i backed all up to my system and deleted all images and videos and sure its empty. When i see the Usage under Settings in my iPAD it shows that i have 4 GB of images. How can this be

How can i reset the storage counter in iPAD

I restarted the iPAD with no luck

Any step by step troubleshooting tips please

Category: iPad

My iPad 3rd generation video recording is stuck when zoomed?

In iOS7 i can zoom and unzoom while the video is recording and when i used this feature it got stuck and does not get to normal

Zoom is stuck on my iPAD 3 and any help would be great

I tried restarting and resetting already and these never worked

Category: iPad

Back Camera on my iPAD 2 does not work after iOS7

I use this on daily basis to chat with clients on Skype and Facetime, and this is really annoying on why my back camera on my iPAD 2 does not work after the iOS7 upgrade.

I already tried resetting my iPAD which did not help

Category: iPad

I have an iPAD 3 with iOS7, and now the picture frames is missing on this new upgrade. I read that it was removed

Can i get a way to add it back?

Why was this feature removed and if not removed please give me the steps to get this

Category: iPad

AirPlay icon has been missing on my iPad from last 2 days.

Can anyone give me all steps to get the icon back

Category: iPad

How can i make Google as my default browser on iPHONE and iPAD

After upgrading to iOS 7 my Safari does not have a default Search engine and i want to add Google as my default.

How can i do this

Can i have all steps involved to achieve this

Category: iPad

How can i delete photos from my iPAD with iOS 7

I have my Albums synced to my computer so how can i delete the images/Photos/Videos from my iPAD but still have them in my computer intact and again dont have them synced back to my iPAD when deleted

IOS7 is a confusing for me but an awesome upgrade

Category: iPad

Hi everyone,

I am getting a blue screen from my iPad just out of the blue. I just woke up to this problem and I don’t know where to start troubleshooting. The Classic iPad is 6 months old. Someone asked me if drivers were up to date and they are. What other suggestions can you provide?