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Its been a dream of mine to use my media applications using only one tool, which I don't need to go near to that certain device to turn it on or change its settings. I have heard dlna remote and its so called functions, I would like to know how does exactly this works, in simple term if applicable. Also include where can I buy/download this software.

Category: iPad

Hi guys,

Please tell me where can I download ashish sudra video vault lite. Is it a freeware? And how can I install to my iPad2?


Category: iPad

I just downloaded six gun with version 1.0.5. I need to have six guns trainer ipad. Who can help me?


Category: iPad

Hello Team,

When I am trying to restore my iPad previous settings it is not allowing me to restore to the previous version how can I be able to do that?

Thanks in advance.

The Ipad “luigi’s ipad” could not be restored. An internal error occurred.

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Does printer drive voor for iPad Pro application allow us to print wirelessly from iPad? And can this application sends the print job directly to WiFi printed?

Category: iPad

Hi to everyone,

How to change my iPad font colors?

The default iPad font color I am using is black; I would like to change it to other colors such as blue, red, yellow and green.

Can give some illustration or just simply guide me along the way?

Your suggestion is very much welcome.

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Hi everyone,

I need some ipad recovery tool. My ipad was not functioning well for almost two weeks and I am worried. I bring the ipad device to a technician and he told me that he reformatted the device for it to function well. But I didn’t get some back up for my important files stored in the ipad, how can I possibly recover those files?

Thank you and have a nice day.

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How to perform ipad 2 Bluetooth app transfer? My friend’s gift in my birthday last week was an ipad 2 and was very excited to download some applications from the internet. But I am just curious about the process of transferring application from one ipad to another via Bluetooth. Can you help me about this?



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Does Anybody know where I can get the full version for free iPad Doom 2 game.

Please help.


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I am a business man and would like add my company logo in to all my e-mails that I sent through my ipad. If I can embed a html link to the logo so that it would open my web page, it would be great.I would appreciate if someone can help me on how to add a logo to mail for ipad.