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I am looking for some cool and fun apps I can add to my iPad.

Can anyone let me know where I can find a free beatbox pad for my iPad?

Category: iPad

Okay, I just recently bought an iPad and I don’t have flash. How do I watch free iPad movies online. Is there a great site I can check out to watch movies without needing flash?

Category: iPad

I have been working with Iphone app now I want to develop a ipad qq game application please tell me or guide me how to develop these and where do I start ?

Category: iPad

Hi guys. I have an Ipad3, i have these post-script files and I am very curious to open them. How do you open up ps files ipad. Thanks guys

Category: iPad

Hi guys, I just wonder. Does astaro remote access SSL run on the new iPad. Do you have any issues with this program. Can you share me a link to iPad 2 astaro remote access SSL app? Thanks 

Category: iPad

Does anyone know where to get a good plugin for my iPad album code? I want to learn how to easily display my collection of image galleries into my iPad. I need a powerful tool that will quickly generate| file indexes into folders.

Category: iPad

I want to run Firefox on my iPad, I searched on Google for that and found that always on PC app works best. Is there any better app out there or if its not please provide me a link to download always on PC app demo iPad free.

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Hi Experts

I want to know about the iPad Software for Cafe Management. How can it help in managing ones business? Does it provide Budgeting and costing help and staff management help?

Category: iPad

Hello everyone,

I am using an iPad. I can access my PC from my iPad. For this I am using some
Apps on my iPad and its working. But there is a problem.
I want to access my iPad from my PC. Can anyone provide me the solution please? 
Is there any application? 
Please give me the correct and reasonable solution quickly.
Because, its really urgent.
Thank you.
Category: iPad

Hello.. I have purchased an Apple tablet. I got AVG free with my tablet. 

Just after I installed the AVG it show a message as you are not protected.

I bought  the Tablet and AVG same day.

I'm sure , I have installed AVG in a correct way. But that is a problem for me.

How could that happen?

I didn't use the tablet before installing the AVG.

Please give me an answer.