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Top 5 Open Source Backup Software with OS Split

Open Source backup software means that their source code is free and can be modified and copied at self-will until all possible changes are published. The core aim of using the open source backup software program is to make extra copies of files, database and even the entire computer data for free that can be supplemented or utilized if the original contents are accidently lost.

Almost all the open source backup software variation packages have the same basis. Such open source software are licensed under the open source licenses and free software licenses.

Here is the list of top five open source backup software with their detail description:

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The Top 10 Call Centre software

The number and need of call centers are increasing day by day. Also with the enhancement in call center business, they need to keep a strict eye on their management. One can have so many call center related software to utilize for the betterment of their call center and also to handle the whole management. Call center may be an in bound call center or can be an out bound call center.

Below is the list of Top 10 Call Center Software.

Call Recording Software

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The Best Free Software for Windows

Technology is pulling out day by day by fetching the latest and advanced features. All of us utilize free softwares in order to remain updated with the most recent technologies of the 21st century. You can effortlessly download so many free softwares for Windows from the internet . Below are brief details of some of the best and free softwares that are compatible with Windows.


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Just what is PC Maintenance and why it needs to be done to all computers?

PC Maintenance is Maintenance that owners of personal computers need to perform in order for their computers to run faster and better while their computers are still performing they way they were when purchased. No computer when being used is going to perform as if brand new without being properly maintained.

There are several steps the owner needs and can do on their own to keep their computers be they desktops or laptops. Those steps include but are not limited to cleaning the disk, defragmentation, and running the virus and spy ware programs on the computer. Will discuss these items here and other maintenance procedures in later articles.

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Have a Peaceful Mind for Only $49.45 with Bsecure Online v6.16

I watched a lot of Sesame Street on TV. I used to see it with my mom. At that time, I was too little to understand what they were saying but fascinated with all the colorful characters I see. Television babysat me back then. Now, TV has been replaced by the computer and the internet. My niece started playing online games at age 3. Now 8, she can look for games and install them herself, is in Facebook and can stay online the whole day.

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A Comparison of Zipping Utilities

There was a time when storage space and bandwidth were precious commodities. So techniques were developed to compress data, by means of obscure algorithms and shoddily designed GUI's (if they are generous enough).

Now we've all got broadband and terabyte hard disks. For the computer-literate in the 21st century, compression is mainly synonymous with video codecs, which are handled in a totally different way. There's the old archiving job, but the shell command that comes with the operating system handles it easily enough. So are zipping utilities going the way of the dinosaur?

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Speech Recognition Software and Its Importance

Whether we think we know what speech recognition software is, or not, the chances are good that we all have interacted with this software at one time or another. It is often used in telephony systems, in order for a particular system or application to be controlled via spoken commands. The voice dialing function on your mobile phone is made possible by speech recognition software.

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RSS; Its Working and Benefits

The word syndicate may not be that enticing to our ears but there is one type of syndicate that is enjoyed and embraced by the cyber community. Really Simple Syndication or RSS is a very popular, simple yet efficient method of links distribution direct to your website. It may not make you a millionaire just like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, but this may be your stepping stone in acquiring the necessary number of hits you need in a day that will make your website popular worldwide.

How does RSS work?

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Hot picks for Remote Desktop Software

A program or software which helps a user to connect to a computer present at a remote location is generally called a Remote Desktop Software. This utility can be used by administrators, end-users and trouble-shooters who are looking to interact with their remote machine. There are many protocols involved for this process; some are NX, VNC, RDP and ICA. Read on for the 5 top picks in Remote desktop software.


LogMeIn has various products which provide remote access at different levels.

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How to Find the Best Software among Open Source, Freeware and Shareware?

You must have heard of the different types of software, but I’m pretty sure that you don’t know their benefits. Well, it is natural to use things directly without wasting time to get to know their proper use and what they actually offer. In this article, I’ll tell you the major differences between different types of software and their benefits.

Types of software:

  • Open source
  • Freeware
  • Shareware

Open Source Software: