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What is WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)?

Each and every organization nowadays wants to keep checking and monitoring each and every activity of its staff, users, or resources. Hence, they are adopting various types of methods, gadgets, applications, and techniques to perform their jobs with huge reliability and accuracy.

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), also proves to be or originated to perform same functions of management, which some of the applications are already doing but with different approach, vision, and understanding.


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An Introduction to Performance Monitoring – Why Is It Important?

All Operating Systems tend to monitor all their resources on a regular basis. In any system, the processes are considered to be the primary resource owners, and therefore, most of the performance monitoring is carried out at the process - level.

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The Best 10 Tips for Windows Vista Operating System

Windows Vista Operating System is one of the most highly-rated Operating Systems used in most computers. It has several features which make it a more comfortable platform to work with. Some of the isolated features of this Operating System include:

1. Use of photo gallery in viewing a managing pictures and videos

Windows Vista has a new photo gallery which arranges pictures and videos according to the keywords, tags, date of capture, and ratings. This photo gallery allows creation of folders containing data which are up to date.

Below is a representation of Windows Vista Photo Gallery which has a highlight of a dog.

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Comprehension of Different Windows Firewall

What is Windows firewall – Its History and Evolution?

In the year of 2001, Windows XP transported a restricted firewall, known as "Internet Connection Firewall". It was handicapped by default, because of anxieties within and its compatibility. Moreover, the configuration partitions were interred away in mesh configuration partitions that numerous users have never observed.

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Windows 2008 New Feature – Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODC)

When we talk about the Windows 2008’s new feature, ‘Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)’, it’s the latest kind of domain manager in the said Window. The major reason for it is for advance protection in agency divisions. The following are some of the main points that describe the functionality of this new feature added to windows 2008:

Dependable MSI Covering


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Types of partitioning

Most of us have bought computers or some might had. When a computer is new it is usually very important that the hard disk of that computer is partitioned. What is partitioning? It is the act or process of dividing a computer’s hard disk space into pieces or parts. These parts are known as the Logical Partitions.

Partitioning is very important because it enhances computer performance. It can be done on the Setup menu when installing the Operating System.

Importance of partitioning

1. Failure to support large files.

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Explaining IIS

Introduction Whenever I look at Bill Gates, I can't help but ask: how big is Microsoft again?  Don't give me market capitalization and market share: I'm feeling paranoid and anyone can doctor the numbers.  Happily, there's the Internet.

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Disk Defragmentation


In computing, disk defragmentation refers to the practice of uniting scattered files on your storage drive. Fragmentation occurs to a storage drive, i.e. hard disk, over a period of time as you save, make changes and erase files from your local drive.

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What is a client and server OS?

If you have two PC programs communicating with each other; one being responsible for making a request for a specific program while the other is granting the request of another, this is a relationship specific to a client and server OS. Server OS means "server for certain Operating Systems and the client being the one making a request for a command to be executed by another program."

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Windows 7 vs. Windows Vista

Versions and Variations

Windows 7 is the latest OS from Microsoft’s arsenal, the previous one being Vista.  There was a big hype when Windows 7 was released that its performance will be better manifold when compared to its forerunner Vista. 

We will see here whether Windows 7 lived up to its expectations or not.  Also, we will see if Windows 7 is better than Vista and if so, how?

Vista and its Flavors