The Virtual Reality- The Life-like Experience


What is Virtual Reality?
The word ‘Virtual’, as well as ‘Reality’, accurately describes the meaning which is ‘near’ and reality.’ Virtual Reality(VR) is the artificial environment where the generation of authentic sounds, images and various other sensations such that it precisely counterfeits the real environment related by computer technologies software. The user tends to believe the surrounding to be the real one. Exploration of a three-dimensional image produced interactively by hardware and software at a personal computer controlled or experienced by movement of the body or by handling keys or the mouse.

Video games uses the VR systems that produce sensations and vibrations, and it can differ from the real environment as the gamers use fictional powers.

What are the applications of VR?
1. Education- Training for dangerous jobs are tough. It provides a virtual environment for the learners to develop their skills and gain experience. A trip to space, a parachute jump, landing a jumbo jet, training for an Air Force pilot. Medical staff is taught to deal with a wide variety of injuries through VR.

2. Movies- VR headset blocks all the distractions and extra light to preserve the experience of watching movie or video. It gives the feel of sitting in a movie theater with a screen.

3. Gaming and Sports- Virtual Reality introduced head mounted displays (HMD) in the 90s. It is used in many of the video games which provides a 3D and a life like experience to the user. Client uses VR to increase the effectiveness of the training of the in the sports such as skiing, cycling, golf, athletics, etc. To achieve the best performance, the athlete uses this technology. Another application is designing the sporting equipment and clothing.

4. Engineering- Virtual reality is of immense use in the engineering field as it uses 3D modeling tools in the designing process. The engineers can present their projects such as bridges, buildings, etc. virtually from any angle to get a better view of its working. The model’s resistance to wind, water can be tested.

5. Media- Various films and television programs shows the concept of cyberspace (or being trapped within a machine). The theory of virtual concerts has been brought up by the help of VR.

6. Business- The businessman detects the problems and defects in a product at an early stage which saves time as well as unnecessary expense. Companies use it as a means of calling a meeting for people in different locations which are proven to be a low-cost solution.

7. Heritage- Children who used to find the museum and gallery boring now find the historical places amusing and attractive as interactive technologies such as virtual reality has come into existence.

What are the concerns of VR?
1. Cyber-addiction- The user loses the emotion, and the notion of differentiating between the real and the virtual starts fading. The long-term health consequences of the VCs are still unknown.
2. Price issue- This gadget is on the top list of every child. The price of this new technology is still a big problem.


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