Google Sky Map: The Most Innovative Android App


Google Sky Map: The Most Innovative Android App

Google Sky Map:

This is the to-go-map if you wish to see the entire sky lit up in the starry light while lying on your bed. From spotting every constellation for you to showing the other side of the earth, giving an almost precise location of every celestial body in the Milky Way, this app is indeed one of the most innovative among the others.

If you are on a trek to a beautiful faraway place, where the sky looks much clearer than the city’s polluted cover, this app is the best company to carry along, for it provides an almost distilled view of the beautiful sky above you.

So how does it manage visual treat?

It uses your phone’s GPS which ensures real-time and accurate information of the sky. It senses every inch of the sky as you turn your phone pointing towards the abyss. The app also lets you lock in a given position, enabling you to scroll through.

What can you spot when using the app?

  • Stars
  • Constellations
  • Meteor objects
  • Nebulae
  • Planets
  • Horizon

It can also spot other celestial body that is to be spotted high up there.

Is Internet connection a must?

Not really. This app also lets you enter latitude and longitude of your location if the GPS is not available.

Can I customize my view?

Yes, the app also lets you choose day or night view and look for the horizon on the other part of the earth!

What more?

If you can’t locate the star or the planet you’re looking for from you geography textbook, this app lets you search the same and once spotted, it points you to move your phone in that direction!

All these features make the app one of the most useful apps for night photography, photography of the star trail, and some non-pro Milky Way photo shoots.


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