Apple Watch Is Getting Theater Mode In Next Update


Apple is one of the multinational companies of United States of America founded on 1976 April 1 by Steve Jobs. It was located in Cupertino, California. It designs, develops and sells the software, mobile phones, watches, etc. It was famous for its technology and assurance for the quality products gave it to the consumers. Every time it tries to bring a technology which makes the people feel great.

Till now, Apple phones are the topic circled in the market and this time with its watches. Yes, one of the products developing by the Apple is coming with new trend and update.
What was the new update?

Till now Apple added many features in the wrist watches like calling, messaging, music, etc. but this time it working on a new and also with a different feature like Theater mode. Yes, Apple is trying to add the Theater mode to their product wrist watch. It means, we can operate the Theater mode with the help of watch.

The world is using the projectors and also mobiles made by some companies to have such a feature but the Apple is trying to change the world by its new update to the existed product. Yes, Watch OS 3.2 developer is the device already in the market and as an update version, of it Apple is adding this feature.

According to some sources, Apple is thinking that it will be an easy way to operate the watch by using the Theater Mode instead of on the watch every time. It means controlling the audio button, screen locks, etc. And also some sources are saying that by using the Theater mode, it will be easy to mute the sound and also disables the raise to wake up functionality as in other devices we have to follow some process. With this update, Apple is saying that we can receive the notifications and other updates while the Theater mode is running.

So as we know that, many watches will work with the connection to the mobile phone (it means by connecting the device to the phone through Bluetooth option). For suppose, if a call is forwarded through the watch we can talk it in the mobile phone, but this new update in the Apple watch is going to change such feature, it means we can operate and can talk directly in the watch.

While thinking about this feature (Theater Mode), looks very realistic and future development update. This feature will definitely become a challenging update to other companies and products to think more technology like this and to start work on such projects. A small device with a large working functionality will definitely make the Apple stand in a great place.

According to some sources, it comes to know that there is no particular date of release of this watch OS version 3.1.3. This feature will help the people and society in a great extinct so let us hope for its entry into the market as soon as possible.


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